Halloween Ends Unmasked Michael Myers Is As Terrifying As You’d Expect

Unmasked Michael Myers is terrifying in behind-the-scenes images from Halloween Ends. The third and final entry in the H40 trilogy delivered on its promise of a last showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. It also somewhat bizarrely offered up an unexpected storyline involving young Haddonfield resident Corey Cunningham’s transformation into a killer.

Halloween Ends’ Corey storyline has indeed proven divisive among fans. Many were confused by the sudden emphasis on this previously unseen character. Others however praised Halloween Ends for diverging from the classic Halloween formula and taking a big swing with new story. Either way, Halloween Ends still ended with Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Allyson squaring off against Myers, unmasking the killer and finally (seemingly) disposing of him forever.

The unmasking of Myers was indeed something fans had been eagerly anticipating to happen in Halloween Ends. But while the movie did technically deliver on this promise, it didn’t actually give fans all that good a look at Myers without the mask (just one more example of the film subverting expectations). Now though, fans can feast their eyes to their hearts’ content on an unmasked Myers, thanks to BTS images showing actor James Jude Courtney in his Myers make-up. Check out the gnarly images from cnelsonfx in the space below:

Is Halloween Ends Really the End for Michael Myers?

Halloween Ends is definitely the end for Myers actor Courtney, who recently told Screen Rant that he, Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green are “done” with the franchise. The movie would also seem to have definitively killed off the H40 iteration of Myers, as he was not only brutally killed by Laurie and Allyson, but his body was obliterated in a scrap metal crusher. But of course fans of horror know that good villains never die, the principle having been proven over and over by slasher franchises like Halloween.

The fact of the matter is that if Universal and Blumhouse want to continue making Halloween films, they will continue making Halloween films. And as long as they continue making Halloween films, those films will center on Michael Myers. If nothing else, the success of the H40 trilogy only reinforces that Myers remains a compelling horror movie bad guy all these years after the original Halloween. And Myers has after all been resurrected numerous times before, both within timelines and by starting completely over with new rebooted timelines. A likely scenario would see the Halloween franchise taking a few years off, then bringing back Myers for a full-on reboot, with a new actor behind the mask (and new actors portraying his victims). Less likely is the Myers from the H40 trilogy being resurrected, given how fully he was disposed of. But given the supernatural element that’s always been there with Myers, the return of the character Strode and the people of Haddonfield vanquished in Halloween Ends is not entirely out of the question either.

Source: cnelsonfx/instagram