Halo Infinite Forge Mode User Creates A Functioning Jetpack

A talented fan has used Halo Infinite Forge Mode to craft a functional jetpack for use in-game. The latest installment in the sci-fi first-person shooter franchise launched without Forge Mode, a creative sandbox feature that has become a staple of the franchise. A Halo Infinite Forge update will finally arrive on November 8, but players are already using the beta version of the feature to craft impressive custom game modes and mechanics.

Past Halo titles let fans create custom maps and gameplay modes using a suite of editing tools, and Halo Infinite seems set to deliver an equally robust experience. For example, one beta user recently demonstrated the power of the Halo Infinite Forge by using it to turn the sci-fi shooter into a racing experience like Mario Kart. This imaginative player created a custom racecourse complete with jumps and loops, with players racing through the track in an iconic Halo Warthog. While the track itself is impressive, this Forge Mode Mario Kart recreation is even more impressive thanks to the addition of functional banana peels that make Warthogs spin out when they run them over.

YouTuber Oscarb64 recently shared a video of a Halo Infinite jetpack that they programmed into Forge Mode. The jetpack lets Master Chief boost through the air, giving him an aerial advantage over his opponents. The jetpack only has a set amount of fuel, however, forcing players to choose between large vertical boosts or short bursts for horizontal travel before landing. Oscarb64’s script also displays a makeshift boost meter next to the equipment charges on the HUD, which can be adjusted to display custom equipment or a cooldown timer.

While jetpacks and Mario Kart modes are incredibly impressive, Forge Mode can also allow the creation of custom maps like Hobbiton in Halo Infinite. The iconic Lord of the Rings location, which is the home of iconic characters like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, has been recreated in gorgeous detail by one user within the Forge Mode beta. The creative sandbox mode even allowed for the use of very specific items, like short walls and a Hobbit Hole’s iconic round door, to complete the project. Apparently the creator of Hobbiton plans to recreate all of Middle-earth within Halo Infinite, which would allow for some truly breathtaking multiplayer matches.

Halo Infinite has yet to officially release its Forge Mode, but many beta users are already putting the beloved game mode to exceptional use. By adding a jetpack to the game’s Spartan arsenal, Oscarb64 opens the door for wild aerial firefights once the mode is available to the entire playerbase. Halo Infinite gives Master Chief a grappling hook by default, but a jetpack adds another level of verticality to the intense sci-fi shooter.

Source: Oscarb64/YouTube