Harvestella: How to Unlock The Shadow Walker Job

Those who enjoy rogue or assassin-esque classes in RPGs might enjoy the Shadow Walker, a Combat Job in Harvestella that involves wielding twin blades to deal mortal damage. While the homestead of the traveler protagonist is peaceful and relaxing to manage, the world outside of Lethe Village is filled with dangerous threats and vicious monsters. Therefore having an effective means to defeat enemies is crucial, and the twin blades weaponry of the Shadow Walker will enable adventurers to take down their foes quickly and efficiently.

Unlike the Fighter job in this FFXIV-esque JRPG, the Shadow Walker is not available from the start of the game. Instead, players can unlock the Shadow Walker Job in Harvestella by developing their relationship with a companion named Istina. Istina is a resident of Nemea Town, a settlement located east of the starting area of Lethe Village. Under the influence of the Spring Seaslight crystal, Nemea is characterized by cherry blossom trees that bloom all year round, giving the townlet stunningly beautiful scenery. Adventurers will visit this area as they progress through the main story and encounter the town’s orphanage, where Istina serves as a humble teacher for the parent-less children.

Unlocking Shadow Walker in Harvestella

Of course, it will take time for players to increase their closeness with Istina and unlock the Shadow Walker in Harvestella. More specifically, adventurers must spend time with Istina by completing her Character Stories, such as « Istina’s Children » or « What She Wants to Protect. » These Final Fantasy-style quests gradually become available as players take the Nemean teacher out on adventures and do various activities with her. Achieving Partnership with Istina is not required for the Shadow Walker Job to become available, so fans do not have to worry about giving up another romantic interest to unlock the twin blade class.

According to Sirus Gaming, switching Jobs to Shadow Walker in Harvestella is the same as swapping any class in the game. This action can be done in the Party menu or during combat. However, bear in mind that a cooldown will trigger during battle that inhibits fans from switching too often. Therefore, adventurers must ensure they are resolute regarding their decision to switch to the Shadow Walker Job in this Square Enix JRPG. Unlocking new Skills for this Job is also the same as other classes, requiring players to acquire a certain number of abilities in a Tier before the next Tier becomes available. It is always best to keep Skills balanced, as Harvestella generally discourages min-maxing through enemy weaknesses. Being too powerful in one area will prevent players from defeating mobs that are resistant to another.

Source: Sirus Gaming