Henry Cavill Explains Superman Theme Choice for Black Adam Cameo

The following contains spoilers for Black Adam.

Henry Cavill explains why John Williams’ score was used instead of Hans Zimmer’s for Superman’s Black Adam cameo. Superman is officially back in the DCEU thanks to his brief appearance in the recently released Black Adam. It remains to be seen however if Dwayne Johnson’s plans for a full-on Black Adam v. Superman showdown will ever materialize.

For now though it’s enough for fans to have again seen Cavill’s Superman, a character who has been absent since 2017’s Justice League (not counting last year’s Snyder Cut release). And the return of Kal-El was indeed memorable, as he showed up in a Black Adam post-credits scene to challenge Johnson’s hero, now the self-appointed protector of Kahndaq. “It’s been awhile since anyone’s made the world this nervous,” Superman intoned. “Black Adam? We should talk.” But of course what fans anticipate is that these two super-powered superheroes will do more fighting than talking.

The sight of Superman and Black Adam sharing the screen was already exciting enough for fans. But what made the moment even more stirring was the choice of music to back up this meeting of DC heavyweights. Hearing the original Superman score by iconic composer Williams (instead of Zimmer’s Man of Steel music) surely provided a nostalgia jolt for many in the audience, and that was exactly what was intended according to Cavill, who discussed the sonic choice with CinemaBlend. See his remarks in the space below:

John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character. It’s something which resonates with the character and everything time I think anyone in the world hears that, I think a large portion of the world who hears that will recognize it immediately as Superman and feel a certain way about it, and I do think it’s wonderful.

What’s Next for Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU

It’s not yet known if Black Adam and Superman will ever square off in a DCEU movie (indeed it’s not known if Black Adam will even get another movie, though the chances seem good after audience response to the first film). It is known however that Cavill will be back as Superman. Indeed, it was recently revealed that Warner Bros. seeks to make Man of Steel 2, news that Cavill himself then confirmed. There’s no release date for the second Man of Steel, and no other casting has been confirmed.

It’s of course entirely possible that Man of Steel 2 will feature the Black Adam v. Superman fight promised by the Black Adam end credits scene. In fact, it has been teased by Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia that there will be an ongoing arc pitting Teth-Adam against Kal-El. It would make sense then for both Black Adam and Superman to make some cameos in other DCEU movies ahead of Man of Steel 2 (Shazam! The Fury of the Gods would seem like a natural spot, or maybe The Flash). It may be harder to predict where all of this is going in the long-run, given the volatility of the whole Warner Bros. Discovery/DC situation at the present time. But it certainly seems that everything is pointing toward Black Adam, Superman and other DCEU characters starring in Justice League 2 far down the road.

Source: CinemaBlend