House Of The Dragon Characters We Need To See In MultiVersus

The roster of MultiVersus encompasses many characters from different franchises, and there’s much of the House of the Dragon cast that would make excellent additions to the lineup. It wouldn’t be the first time a character from the Game of Thrones universe would make their way to the game – players can currently unlock Arya Stark in MultiVersus. With so many interesting new characters introduced by the spinoff show, it feels fitting for more characters to come to the title.

MultiVersus characters consist of five different classes: Bruiser, Tank, Support, Assassin, and Mage. Each class comes with their own specific strengths and weaknesses – for example, Assassin characters can deal high levels of damage quickly, but are quite vulnerable, and Tank characters can both withstand and deal more damage but have less mobility. MultiVersus rotates its characters often, with free characters on the roster changing approximately every two weeks.

HotD’s Daemon Is An Obvious Choice For MultiVersus

Daemon is an obvious pick to come to the MultiVersus roster. Daemon has proven his battling skills throughout House of the Dragon’s first season, and his impressive showing against the Crabfeeder in particular makes him a no-brainer to join MultiVersus’ characters. He would likely fall into either the Bruiser or Tank class due to his ability to withstand blows and his hardcore fighting style, but one thing’s for sure: he certainly isn’t a Support character.

Rhaenyra Would Be A Versatile House of the Dragon Addition

Narrowing down Rhaenyra’s MultiVersus class is a difficult task due to the multifaceted nature of her character. The House of the Dragon protagonist could easily fit into the Assassin class with her cunning and quick-thinking she demonstrates throughout the season as she fights for her position on the throne. However, a case could also be made for Rhaenyra joining the Mage class due to her dragon-handling skills – the magical nature of this talent easily lends itself to being a Mage.

Viserys Would Be Great In MultiVersus Despite His HotD Fate

It’s long been established that just because a character perishes in one media property, doesn’t mean they can’t make appearances in others, and this certainly applies to Viserys. It could be argued that, out of all the different character classes in MultiVersus, the House of the Dragon king would fit perfectly in the roster as a Tank. Although he eventually succumbed to the myriad of injuries he faced over the course of the first season, Viserys put up a surprisingly good fight, lasting much longer than some viewers anticipated he would, proving he can certainly sustain a lot of damage before being felled in MultiVersus as well.

The Dragon Syrax Would Make A Great MultiVersus Addition

Although there are many human characters on House of the Dragon that would make solid MultiVersus additions, it doesn’t seem right to compile a list without at least one dragon. There are several classes Syrax could make a good addition to, and Syrax undoubtedly would have the potential to become one of the strongest fighters in MultiVersus. With her large size Syrax’s speed is limited, which rules out the Assassin class, but she would fit in easily to Tank or Bruiser and could bring a similar set of fire moves to the table as characters like Bowser have in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Another bonus of adding Syrax to MultiVersus is a possible team-up with the previously mentioned Rhaenyra. Syrax is Rhaenyra’s bonded dragon in House of the Dragon, and the two could come to MultiVersus as a duo similar to how characters like Tom and Jerry have in the past. The two could perform special combo moves together and would be a nearly unstoppable duo in MultiVersus that would also be oddly wholesome, given the bond the two have with each other.

House Of The Dragon’s Sea Snake Is Perfect For MultiVersus

It could be said that based on cool nicknames alone that Corlys Velaryon – also known as the Sea Snake – deserves a place on the roster. However, his potential is much more than that – in fact, he would perhaps end up being a MultiVersus character who needs to be nerfed if he were added to the game. Corlys earned his nickname from a ship he built himself that he proceeded to use for many years of brave adventures, and this could easily be incorporated into his MultiVersus character, likely landing him in either the Mage or Support class. Some existing Mage characters like Tom and Jerry craft traps during battle to best their opponents, and this would fit in perfectly with his penchant for building. Similarly, the Support class focuses on helping deploy help for their team, much like a ship’s captain would with his crew during battle.

Aemond Could Bring His HotD Chaos To MultiVersus

It simply wouldn’t be a proper list of fighters without mentioning Aemond from House of the Dragon. Similar to MultiVersus characters like Harley Quinn, Aemond would bring a strong element of chaos and ferocity to the game’s roster – even for a player not familair with House of the Dragon, it’s obvious from one look at Aemond that he’s a fierce opponent. With his cunning nature, Aemond is very suited to fit the roll of an Assassin, and depending upon how silly MultiVersus chose to get with his moves, Aemond’s sapphire eye could certainly lend itself to some interesting powers. Like Rhaenyra, Aemond could also be a duo alongside a dragon in MultiVersus, but that would have much darker connotations considering the show’s season finale.

House of the Dragon’s cast truly has no shortage of characters who would fit in perfectly if they were added to the MultiVersus roster. Part of what makes House of the Dragon so compelling is that every character is powerful in some way, whether it be fighting, cunning and manipulation, or even emotional intelligence. Even characters like Alicent Hightower could make a good addition to the game if given the right moves – after all, other characters in MultiVersus that would never start a fight in their own universe, like Velma, have fit right in. Sadly, it may be awhile before fans see a House of the Dragon character appear in the game – Warner Bros. has such a large pool of characters they can choose from, the odds of them selecting a House of the Dragon character – particularly since the season has ended – for MultiVersus any time soon are low, but fans can still hope for additions in the distant future.