House Of The Dragon Episode 3 VFX Mistake Spotted By Fans

Now, House of the Dragon fans have also spotted a visual effects error within episode 3 of the new Game of Thrones show. In a scene where King Viserys hands a message to a soldier, Sarah Capps (@SarahBKnowsBest) notes that Considine’s ring and pinky fingers are completely green. Check out the image below.

Considine’s fingers were likely wrapped in a green fabric to allow them to be keyed out in post-production. Due to King Viserys’ mysterious illness which has created open sores and threatens his appendages, the fingers were probably intended to have been removed for this shot. This would have shown that within the episode’s two-year time-gap, Viserys lost those fingers to the sickness.

Although the visual effects error is blatant, it is likely that the production studio will edit the episode to remove those fingers to fix the issue. Within days of the Starbucks coffee cup appearing in the Game of Thrones season 8 episode, the object was digitally removed for later broadcasts and streaming. HBO likely has a visual effects team on the issue and House of the Dragon episode 3 will be edited and fixed before episode 4 is released next week.