House Of The Dragon Fans Celebrate The Arrival Of Queen Rhaenyra

As House of the Dragon season 1 comes to an end, fans are celebrating the arrival of Queen Rhaenyra. Created by George R.R. Martin and Ryan Condal, the prequel series to Game of Thrones observes House Targaryen and the power conflict that fractured its bloodline, depicting the events leading up to and surrounding the Dance of the Dragons. The show became yet another success for HBO following its premiere back in August, and the character of Rhaenyra, played by first by Milly Alcock and then series lead Emma D’Arcy, has turned into a favorite among audiences, who felt her ascension to the throne was a long time coming.

The only living child of King Viserys and Queen Aemma Arryn, Rhaenyra Targaryen was named heir to the Iron Throne early in the series. Though the realm appeared to pledge loyalty to her, Rhaenyra’s position was constantly undermined by her father’s council and even made fun of by commoners, and when Alicent became pregnant with Aegon, her succession suddenly was called into question. Over the years, tensions began to rise within her own family, and following the death of Viserys, Ser Otto Hightower and the Greens became motivated to crown Alicent’s son instead. In House of the Dragon’s season finale, after learning of the King’s passing and Aegon’s abrupt coronation, the Blacks decide to swear their allegiance to Rhaenyra and make her Queen, to the excitement of fans.

Rhaenyra finally becoming Queen proved to be a thrilling and emotional moment for most House of the Dragon viewers. Following the events of the season finale, which also saw Lucerys getting killed and Rhaenyra declaring war, audiences are already throwing their support behind the character ahead of season 2. Check out some of their comments celebrating Queen Rhaenyra below:

After declaring war, the Dance of the Dragons has officially begun and heading into season 2, audiences can expect to see Rhaenyra fight for her claim to the Iron Throne. She may also decide to enact revenge against Aemond for killing Lucerys, with the final shot of the episode suggesting that peace between the family is no longer a possibility. As for the character’s future beyond all of that, many fans are already aware of Rhaenyra’s ultimate fate, though depending on how quickly the series progresses, it could take some time to get there.

It will be interesting to see how Rhaenyra leads the Blacks through the Targaryen civil war, as she has definitely proven herself to be a capable Queen, even during her youth. Fans of Game of Thrones are conditioned to not get too attached to any characters, but after all that she has had to go through, it is hard not to root for her. Those excited to find out what lies ahead for Queen Rhaenyra can look forward to House of the Dragon season 2 when it premieres.

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