House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

In a twist that seems to indicate Rhaenyra is King Viserys’ true successor, the mystical white stag walked up to the princess and Criston Cole while they sat on their horses in the woods. Rhaenyra wouldn’t let Criston kill the white stag either, instead letting it go free to rule the kingswood. If House of the Dragon episode 3’s white hart truly was a sign showing the gods’ favor, then the stag silently walking up to Rhaenyra as she smiled on and let it go supports the notion that she’s Viserys’ rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Instead of being grateful that his brother finally sent help to win the War for the Stepstones, Daemon Targaryen looked at the letter and immediately departed for the Crabfeeder’s camp. His anger led him to charge through as one man against an entire army, with Daemon refusing to back town until he exited a cave with the villainous Crabfeeder’s head and upper body dragging behind him. There are a few reasons why Daemon Targaryen is so angry at the end of House of the Dragon season 1, episode 3; and they really call back to his relationship with Viserys. Daemon had been in the Stepstones for three years without any aid from Viserys, and when he finally wrote a letter to send assistance, Viserys’ wording made it seem like Daemon was incapable of winning and it could only be done with the king’s resources. Daemon had been made to feel incompetent for most of his life as one of House of the Dragon’s “second sons,” and he wouldn’t let his victory come from his brother’s help rather than his own valor.

Another reason for Daemon being angry at Viserys for sending aid is that all he did was send a letter. It had been three years since Viserys and Daemon had properly communicated, and Viserys couldn’t even manage to show up in person to help his brother. This is exactly why Daemon was so angry when Otto Hightower showed up at Dragonstone after sending a letter about his “marriage,” as Daemon had simply been trying to get his brother’s attention and convince him to actually appear to face him. With Viserys continuing to send envoys or letters, Matt Smith’s House of the Dragon character has to question whether he’s important enough to his brother to leave King’s Landing. Rhaenyra begins House of the Dragon episode 3 thinking she is no longer important to Viserys, so she likely fled the camp to see if he would come after her or just send knights – which is exactly what Daemon has been doing since he was banished.