House of the Dragon season 1 finale run time: How long is it?

The House of the Dragon season 1 finale is coming to HBO this weekend — but just how long is it compared to other episodes?

We certainly understand that there could be people who expect “The Black Queen” to last for a substantial period of time — think in terms of an hour and ten minutes or something greater. A lot of shows DO take their run-times into overdrive for their finales!

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However, that is not going to be the case with the George R.R. Martin adaptation. Episode 10, per the network’s official schedule, is going to run for an hour and two minutes. Technically, it will be a few minutes shorter when you take out some of the credits and the “previously on” footage that gets thrown in there.

Is it disappointing that the episode isn’t a little bit longer? In theory sure, but we’re personally more than fine that the network isn’t just making the finale long for the sake of doing it. Episodes can get a little bit bloated and we don’t need for that to be the case here. The most important thing is that Rhaenyra and Daemon’s story gets properly paid off and beyond just this, that the stage is set in some incredible fashion for season. (Sure, we’re aware that we’ll be waiting for a long time to see some of those episodes, but we’re more than a little psyched in advance.)

Be prepared for this finale to be heartbreaking at times and action-packed at others. We’d be shocked if we see much of King’s Landing this time around; episode 9 was largely focused there, so we do personally expect that episode 10 will give us an entirely different perspective.

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