How Far Into The Future Does Tales Of The Walking Dead Episode 4 Happen?

Tales of the Walking Dead episode 4’s official synopsis confirms Dr. Everett has been in isolation for approximately a decade, which suggests that’s roughly how long the Dead Sector has been up and running. As for how much time has passed since the zombie apocalypse actually began, the answer can potentially be found in an interview with Tales of the Walking Dead showrunner Channing Powell, who described an episode « tentatively 35 years into the future. » That promise certainly doesn’t apply to Tales of the Walking Dead episodes 1-3, and while one of the final two installments may contain a futuristic surprise, it seems more likely that Powell was talking about « Amy/Dr. Everett. »

If Tales of the Walking Dead episode 4 takes place 35 years out from Z-day, and Dr. Everett has been in isolation for 10 of those, the Dead Sector must be formed around 25 years after Rick Grimes awakens from his coma. The Walking Dead season 11 is set around a decade into the outbreak, so we’re still 15 years out from Dead Sector safety. Given the scale of the « man-made » trench that surrounds the undead’s zone, however, construction would’ve taken a good long time. The operation also would’ve required a massive, coordinated operation…

The timing and scale of the Dead Sector will inevitably trigger speculation that the Civic Republic Military is responsible. The Walking Dead’s most powerful community has the explosives necessary to blow open a trench, the sonic weapons needed to herd a large amount of zombies into one area, and their tracking technology (seen in The Walking Dead: World Beyond) is almost identical to Dr. Everett’s. If the CRM is the group responsible for the Dead Sector, that would also explain why Amy claims things are worse outside the trench, since the villains are hardly likely to be fair and just rulers of human society.