How Moff Gideon Is Different In Mandalorian Season 3

During a panel at the D23 Expo, which Screen Rant attended, Esposito provides a few hints about Gideon in The Mandalorian season 3, revealing that the character will be different from what fans expect. The actor explains that the upcoming season will see Gideon « vulnerable » for the first time, a stark departure from the serious and ruthless Gideon seen in seasons past. Check out Esposito’s full comment below:

“You haven’t seen Moff be vulnerable before… Only you can supply yourself with the patience to find out what comes next.”

Although Esposito doesn’t reveal too much about the upcoming third season, it would seem that Gideon will remain in a place of weakness following the events of the The Mandalorian’s season 2 finale. After losing the Darksaber and his army of elite Dark Troopers, Gideon is clearly without the means to continue to pursue Grogu. While viewers may see Gideon vulnerable, that doesn’t mean, however, that he cannot still escape his captors in the New Republic in order to recoup his power and continue to be a formidable villain.