How Powerful Is Starlight Compared To Homelander After The Boys Season 3?

While Starlight was no match for Homelander in The Boys’ first three seasons, The Boys’ season 3 finale has changed how Starlight’s powers compare to the other members of The Seven. After trying to fight Homelander and Vought from within, Annie went for a more direct approach toward the end of The Boys season 3 by exposing the truth about The Seven to the whole world. No longer a member of The Seven, Starlight could become one of the biggest threats to Homelander – all thanks to her power-up in The Boys’ season 3 finale.

Originally, Starlight had the standard superhero strength similar to most of the supes, plus her signature light powers. While Starlight’s original powers were already enough for Annie to defeat A-Train in a fight, Starlight was behind characters like Maeve, Soldier Boy, and Homelander in terms of sheer strength. In other words, Starlight’s blasts of light would not be of much help against Homelander. However, after The Boys’ season 3 finale, Starlight has received a new set of skills in addition to her original powers. Starlight can now fly, which is something Homelander can do and most of the supes cannot. Starlight now also has energy absorption skills, which means her true potential in a fight may be limitless – even against Homelander.

Homelander Is Stronger, But Starlight’s Powers Are More Diversified

Homelander’s sheer strength will likely never be matched by another supes in The Boys. Maeve and Black Noir, who are far stronger than most supes on the show, little could do against Homelander – and the same can be said about Soldier Boy. That said, Starlight’s new powers in The Boys mean that Annie now has at least a more diversified set of skills than Homelander. Whereas Homelander’s powers are “limited” to super strength, flying, and heat vision, Starlight can now manipulate both light and energy. It isn’t clear how much energy Starlight can absorb and redirect into an attack. Even so, such a power could be effective even against someone like Homelander.

Starlight’s New Powers Are A Big Threat To Homelander

After two seasons of The Boys in which Homelander and Starlight fought a silent battle over the control of Vought and The Seven, The Boys season 4 is set to feature a true confrontation between the two characters. Annie is no longer interested in being a superhero, which doesn’t mean she will stop helping people and fighting Vought. Whether Annie will continue working closely with Butcher and “the boys” in season 4 is difficult to say, but either way, someone as powerful as Starlight fighting against Vought and The Seven will be a problem for Homelander. With Homelander now choosing new members for The Seven and making Vought’s superhero division an extent of his plans, Starlight’s power-up couldn’t have come at a better time.

High-stakes fights between Homelander and other powerful supes are the exception rather than the rule in The Boys, and that is because only a handful of characters can actually be a challenge to Homelander. With Maeve now without her powers, Black Noir dead, and Soldier Boy in a coma again, the list of characters who can at least try to face Homelander has gotten even shorter. Fortunately, Starlight’s new powers might be enough to level the fight against The Seven in The Boys season 4. It remains to be seen what will be the true extent of Annie’s flying abilities and energy-absorbing skills.