How Superman & Lois Reboots Arrowverse, According To Diggle Actor

As reported by The Direct, Ramsey attended Dragon Con 2022 in Atlanta, where he offered insight on the continuity of Superman and Lois, as well as how it may connect to Arrowverse elements in the future. The actor explained that Superman and Lois would be treated as a reboot of the Arrowverse, allowing it to grow in ways that it was previously unable to. Ramsey also explained that while elements like Diggle’s Green Lantern power ring existed in Superman and Lois’ continuity, the circumstances surrounding it weren’t the same, and future plans to explore it are uncertain due to recent corporate sales and restructuring. Check out Ramsey’s response below.

Y’know, these questions where you can kind of- It’s almost a reboot. Superman & Lois allows us to reboot the Arrowverse in a way that we didn’t really think before. And when he revealed that, when Todd initially revealed that, there were a lot of moans and groans about “Oh, we’re no longer in the Arrowverse.” But I think it was smart. It was [Greg] Berlanti’s brainchild and I think it was smart because it allows us to grow outside of the Arrowverse, which we weren’t allowed to do. So, to answer your question is that the ring is still around. It exists in Superman & Lois, it’s been denied the same way it was in the Arrowverse, but [John Diggle] didn’t go through the same thing. Hopefully, we get to explore some of that, but it just depends. CW was just bought, Warner Bros. was just bought. We aren’t quite sure what’s happening politically in that whole landscape, and we’ll hopefully have some of those answers soon.

The potential future of Arrowverse crossovers was addressed previously by Superman and Lois showrunner Todd Helbing, with the writer sharing a disappointing update. In an interview in July 2022, Helbing confirmed that the reveal of Superman and Lois’ new continuity meant that the familiar versions of heroes encountered across the Arrowverse never existed on the series’ Earth, with those characters’ futures being reliant on the decisions of DC’s leadership. Helbing also stated that he was unsure whether any Arrowverse stars would be open to returning, stating that many of them may be looking forward to working on new projects unconnected to previous work.