How The Cast Of Teen Wolf Really Felt About The Paramount+ Teen Wolf Movie

Teen Wolf was a successful supernatural teen drama that aired from 2011 to 2017 on MTV. Jeff Davis created the show loosely based off the 1985 film of the same name. The show was centered around Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, and his group of friends as they fought supernatural threats in their town of Beacan Hills. Other stars included Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and Crystal Reed. Though fans wanted a seventh season, the show came to an end after its sixth season.

Now, years later, the gang has reunited to create Teen Wolf: The Movie, which is now available for streaming on Paramount+. Fans were overjoyed when the news of the movie was announced in September 2021. Viewers had to wait over a year to see the reunion. Here’s what the cast of Teen Wolf: The Movie has said about the film.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains details from Teen Wolf: The Movie

7 What Is Teen Wolf: The Movie About?

When Teen Wolf first aired in 2011 on MTV, the premise of the show was a group of high school students battling supernatural threats. Most of these high school students ended up being supernatural creatures themselves, and the show was a teen drama. The movie, however, features a 15 year time jump for the beloved characters.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is set fifteen years after the original show came to an end. The character Derek, played by Tyler Hoechlin, now has a teenage son named Eli. Scott McCall, the main character of the franchise played by Tyler Posey, has moved to Los Angeles to get away from his past in Beacon Hills. When supernatural forces once again threaten Beacon Hills, however, the gang returns—included Crystal Reed’s Alison Argent, who died at the end of season 3 of Teen Wolf.

6 Why Arden Cho Declined To Join Teen Wolf: The Movie

Though many of the original cast of Teen Wolf returned to film Teen Wolf: The Movie, one missing face was actress Arden Cho. She played Kira Yukimura for several seasons of the original show, but she was abruptly fired in 2016 before the final season of the show. She posted a video on YouTube sharing news with fans at the time.

Though she was not a part of the show’s final season, fans assumed she would be a part of Teen Wolf: The Movie. She was in as many seasons as Crystal Reed, after all, and Reed was returning despite her character’s death. Cho was offered the chance to return for the movie, but ultimately declined the offer. She was offended by the financials she had been offered to reprise the role of Kira. Cho was offered roughly half the per-episode salary given to the other actors and actresses if not less. The actress did not want to be a part of a project in which she felt she was being treated unfairly, unfairness she thought was due to the color of her skin. Actress Holland Roden commented on Cho’s decision, claiming the rest of the cast were filming the movie out of love and not for the money.

5 Crystal Reed Didn’t Think She Would Return To Teen Wolf

One actress fans were beyond thrilled to see in Teen Wolf: The Movie was Crystal Reed. The actress was an original cast member of the MTV show, but she departed after the third season. Her character Alison Argent died in Teen Wolf, which was a big blow to the other characters. With her character’s death, fans and assumed there was no way for Reed to be in the new movie, but creator Jeff Davis found a way.

Reed also assumed she would not be a part of the project. When she heard the news from Davis that a movie was in the works, she gave a big congratulations to the creator and thought nothing of it. She was beyond shocked when Davis asked her over the phone to be a part of Teen Wolf: The Movie. Reed was overjoyed to return to the character that kickstarted her career in the entertainment industry. The actress has said that she often re-watches Teen Wolf, specifically her death scene, because the show as a whole and that moment were so important for her.

4 Shelley Hennig Excited About New Character Pairings

Shelley Hennig, though she was a later addition to Teen Wolf, was as excited for the movie as fans were. Since filming Teen Wolf, Hennig has gone on to film projects such as When We First Met and The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. While she already had some acting credits to her name before Teen Wolf, such as Days of Our Lives and Unfriended, Hennig spent many years with the cast of Teen Wolf and could not resist the opportunity to return to the character and the set.

Hennig was devastated when they were unable to film a seventh season like fans wanted, but she was very glad they were able to create a 2.5 hour movie now. Hennig was particularly excited to explore new character pairings in the film. While Teen Wolf was focused on a group of friends, a lot of character pairings were not fleshed out during the show. Teen Wolf: The Movie gave Hennig and the rest of the cast the opportunity to try new things with the characters they know so well. The time jump only increased this opportunity, as now the characters are adults with a different set of problems and priorities.

3 How Did The Cast React To Derek’s Death?

The biggest event to occur during Teen Wolf: The Movie is Derek’s death. Tyler Hoechlin has portrayed the character since the show began in 2011, and his character’s death is a big loss for the franchise. “It’s super emotional. Tyler Hoechlin is somebody that I really love and as much as I am an actor and I know that there’s separateness from our characters and our human selves, it’s emotional reading that,” Tyler Posey said of traumatic scene.

“I think it’s something that’s necessary for us to have in terms of storytelling,” he continued. “We as humans deal with loss of a loved one constantly, and the fans have dealt with that over the years. It’s another way that we can be relatable to the fans and to anybody watching. I think it’s beautiful the way that we did it. He turns into a true alpha right before he dies, his eyes glow red and it’s just chills.” Holland Roden had a slightly different perspective of the death, as her character was never as close with Derek as Posey’s character was. Roden felt her character cared more for Derek through what he had done for the town, which also creates a sense of immense loss.

2 Why Is Dylan O’Brien Not In Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Arden Cho is not the only face from Teen Wolf to be missing in the film. Actor Dylan O’Brien, who portrayed fan-favorite Stiles, is not a part of Teen Wolf: The Movie. Fans were very shocked by this news, as O’Brien truly owes his career to the show and fans assumed he would return for the reunion. “It was a difficult decision. A lot went into it,” O’Brien told Variety about the decision to not return.

“The show couldn’t be more dear to me. It was the first thing I ever did I and so many people there are extremely dear to me. It was something I was trying to make work but it all happened very fast. We didn’t really know that it was happening and they kind of just threw it at us a little bit, which is fine because we all love the show. We were trying to figure it out.” It seems the decision came down to how O’Brien felt about the end of his character in the original show “Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there. I wish them well and I’m going to watch it the first night it comes out.” Creator Jeff Davis chose to still incorporate O’Brien’s character by mentioning him throughout the movie because he felt there was no Teen Wolf without Stiles in the universe.

1 Tyler Posey Wants More Teen Wolf Content

Teen Wolf: The Movie is now available to stream on Paramount+, and fans are loving seeing their favorite characters one more time. Though the film just dropped on the streaming service, actor Tyler Posey is already being very vocal about what he wants for Teen Wolf in the future.

After the show originally ended in 2017, Posey continuously supported the idea of returning to Beacon Hills in one way or another. He even called creator Jeff Davis multiple times promoting the idea of a reboot or reunion. Now that it’s finally happened, Posey wants more. “I never want this show to die, this movie to die now. I want there to be more. I don’t know in what capacity [but] I want more,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve always wanted it and the fans do too. Hopefully, they’ll still want more after they watch this movie and we’ll go from there. But yeah, I’m 100 percent ready to be a geriatric wolf. Always.” The end of Teen Wolf: The Movie certainly left the door open, so maybe fans will get more Teen Wolf content in the future.