Hugh Jackman Has Funny Reason Why Deadpool 3 Should Be Retitled

Hugh Jackman shares the funny reasoning behind why he believes Deadpool 3 should get a different title. Jackman’s Wolverine has remained a firm fan-favorite among Marvel’s lineup of on-screen heroes since his debut in 2000’s X-Men. Since then, Jackman has reprised the role of Wolverine across an impressive number of X-Men titles, before 2017 appeared to confirm that Jackman was rounding out his time in the part, as Logan offered a satisfying, albeit heartbreaking, conclusion to his character’s story.

Therefore, audiences were somewhat blindsided when a recent announcement confirmed that Jackman would be reprising his role again in the upcoming Deadpool 3, which is set to mark Deadpool’s (and now Wolverine’s) official entry into the MCU. Serving as one of the most recent updates on this highly anticipated project, little else is known about what Deadpool 3 has in store for audiences. However, the film is also expected to see the return of a number of Reynold’s previous Deadpool co-stars. After a series of reshufflings, Deadpool 3’s current release date is now set for late 2024, with filming expected to commence at the start of next year.

In a recent interview with Variety, Jackman has now jokingly revealed that he had taken issue with the film’s current title of Deadpool 3. While the film is expected to have a slightly different name upon release, Jackman shared that he isn’t necessarily happy with the title as it sidelines his character, sharing that he’s « pretty sure » Wolverine also would disapprove of the title. Check out Jackman’s quote below.

Well, not in my heart, I’m pretty sure Wolverine wouldn’t like that title.

The nature of Wolverine’s appearance in Deadpool 3 remains largely unknown, though these sentiments from Jackman could tease a potentially sizable role for the hero. While Reynolds’ exciting announcement certainly implied that Jackman’s appearance would likely be more than just a cameo, Jackman’s desire to be included within the film’s title could undoubtedly suggest that audiences may see Wolverine star as Deadpool 3’s secondary lead. This possibility is very exciting indeed. Wolverine’s return also served as further confirmation that Deadpool 3 will be sticking to the character’s R-Rated roots, even despite the film’s new home at Disney, and an expanded role from Wolverine is now sure to keep Deadpool 3 firmly outside the PG-13 bracket.

Audiences are still reeling from the news that Jackman is reprising his iconic role, even more so as his return will be alongside Reynolds; therefore, any and all updates about this upcoming collaboration are sure to be welcomed. The official title of Deadpool 3 could be revealed at any point during the film’s production stages, and it will certainly be interesting to see whether Wolverine’s name makes the cut. However, there is always the possibility the film’s title will remain as Deadpool 3, and it’s fair to say from Jackman’s comments that this will certainly not go down well.

Source: Variety