Hugh Jackman Regretted Retiring Wolverine The Moment He Saw Deadpool

After seeing Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie, Hugh Jackman regretted his decision to retire as Wolverine. Marvel Studios have already announced multiple films and TV shows for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phases 5 and 6 at San Diego Comic-Con and D23 as they flesh out the larger MCU. Despite all the previous announcements, maybe the most exciting reveal came when Reynolds and Jackman shared together to the world that Deadpool 3 would see Wade Wilson and Wolverine reunite once again after the not-so-well-received X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Jackman had initially ended his run as Wolverine after starring in the critically acclaimed Logan, which saw the iconic X-Men mutant conclude his journey after 17 years. While Logan passed away at the end of the film, Jackman is still somehow returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, which will be produced entirely by Marvel Studios. The Deadpool threequel will also mark Wade’s proper introduction to the MCU, although how Reynolds’ character is moving from one universe to another remains to be seen. It’s also unclear which version of Wolverine will appear in Deadpool 3.

In a new interview with Variety, Jackman reflected upon making the call to finish his time as Wolverine after nearly two decades. While initially at peace with his decision, Jackman opened up about how he actually regretted it after seeing Reynolds’ first Deadpool movie while also comparing it to 48 Hours. It didn’t take more than 20 minutes of seeing the film for Jackman to realize that he may have called quits too soon, sharing the following:

“I went to a screening of ‘Deadpool.’ I was 20 minutes in, and I was like, ‘Ah, damn it!’ All I kept seeing in my head was ‘48 Hours’ with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. So it’s been brewing for a long time. It just took me longer to get here. I think, actually, he’d given up. I think it was a big shock to him. There was a massive pause, and then he said, ‘I can’t believe the timing of this.’”

When comparing Deadpool to 48 Hours, what Jackman is likely looking at is the buddy-cop elements of the 1982 film with Nolte and Murphy. With that in mind, it might also give a clue about the story for Deadpool 3 with Jackman’s Wolverine. When Jackman ended his run as Wolverine, the world believed that was truly the last time he would ever portray the popular mutant. For Jackman to agree to return in Deadpool 3, they likely had to pitch him ideas that they knew he would go with, which may very well be a buddy-cop adventure between him and Reynolds’ titular character.

Since Deadpool 3 has a release date set for late 2024, principal photography has to start at least by spring 2023. With production likely to happen sooner rather than later, that means more casting news will be rolling out for Deadpool 3 in the coming months. What will ultimately be intriguing to see besides Wolverine’s reunion with Deadpool is whether or not there will be other MCU crossovers with established characters popping up in the installment as Reynolds becomes a permanent player in the Avengers-centric universe. Even though Logan was a strong ending for Jackman’s Wolverine journey, it’s a good thing Reynolds’ first Deadpool movie made him regret hanging up the claws too soon, as they will now get to team up at least one more time.

Source: Variety