Hulk’s Newest Power Upgrade Is Straight Out Out Star Trek

Spoilers for Hulk #9 by Marvel ComicsThe Hulk just received a new power upgrade that’s straight out of Star Trek, as Bruce Banner has become the captain of a full crew on Starship Hulk inside the mind of the Jade Giant. In a new look at Hulk #9 from Marvel Comics, Banner is seen with a sizable team inside the Hulk’s psyche, as the Engine Room has multiple people operating within it instead of just one man.

In the newest Hulk run from Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Bruce Banner has taken on a new role inside the Hulk. Banner pilots the cybernetically augmented monster from within, as he acts as captain of Starship Hulk. Banner has been able to give the Hulk powerful upgrades inside the Engine Room by having the monster fight a group of escalating powerful opponents that make the real Hulk stronger the more he fights. However, after battling Thor and continuing his journey in trying to find solitude, Hulk has changed once again, as Banner’s Engine Room now has an entire crew, which is right out of Star Trek.

In a new preview for Hulk #9 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Marte Gracia, and Matt Hollingsworth from Marvel Comics, the story opens up with a surprisingly crowded scene inside the bridge of Starship Hulk – which feels like its ripped right from Star Trek. However, Bruce Banner reveals in order to decode a Gamma signal and find the source of the distress beacon, that he divided his own subconscious. In doing so, Banner gave the Hulk a power upgrade inside his psyche, as he can maximize his effort to operate the Starship – and not be alone.

Check out the preview for Hulk #9 by Marvel Comics, which teases the upcoming Hulk Planet storyline where the new character Monolith will debut and what’s next in store for the Jade Giant.

HULK PLANET! Thoroughly shaken by his battle with Thor and Titan’s impact on his friends, Bruce Banner decides that his best company is himself—and only himself. As he sets Starship Hulk on a far away course, he begins to reckon with what it means to be healthy—and encounters an alternative to isolation he’d never thought to dream of. But this alternative begs the question—who exactly is Monolith?

While Bruce Banner turning his psyche into a Star Trek bridge filled with variations of his own divided subconscious is incredibly smart and will help him feel less lonely, given the previous danger and looming threat of Titan, the most terrifying Hulk ever who also has already taken on Starship Hulk, it seems incredibly risky for the hero to make himself potentially weaker by expanding his mental capacity. Yes, the power upgrade will help him control Starship Hulk better, but what happens if his crew dies? Would he lose that part of his subconscious? It sure seems like Banner is playing with fire. Readers can see Hulk’s new Star Trek-like bridge in Hulk #9, which arrives in comic book stores next Wednesday.

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