Is Jennifer Lopez Still A Smoker?

In May 2021, Bennifer made headlines when paparazzi caught Ben Affleck, 49, smoking a cigarette while Jennifer Lopez was meditating in their Miami home. What a meme-worthy scene that was. Of course, it raised a lot of concerns. But fans thought that a health freak like JLo could help the actor quit. But sightings of the Oscar winner puffing away didn’t stop since. Maybe the Let’s Get Loud singer doesn’t care for it either.

Lopez, of course, is not known to be a smoker. In fact, she’s known for being something of a health and fitness nut. However, she’s played a couple of roles who had the habit — Eve Rafael in Lila & Eve (2015) and Ramona in Hustlers (2019). The star later revealed that she started smoking behind the scenes of Hustlers to « stay in the mindset » of her character. Yet it’s easy to become addicted to nicotine; has JLo fully let go of the habit these days, especially with her beau still at it?

Updated September 29th 2022.

What JLo Has Said About Smoking In Hustlers

Critics say that Hustlers is a career-defining film for The Backup Plan star. After all, JLo trained extensively for her stripper character. She even gave fans a glimpse of her intense pole dancing lessons on her YouTube channel.

Lopez made it look easy on the film but behind the scenes, but she also had her struggles.

There’s a reason JLo is known for her incredible work ethic. Yet her commitment to the role also meant becoming a smoker to get into Ramona’s persona.

« Sometimes I smoked one of the cigarettes and stayed in the mindset of Ramona, » Lopez said at the time.

« Of all the props that the prop master bought me there was a blinged-out lighter that I would hold every day. »

JLo isn’t alone, either.

Even Sarah Paulson — whose many characters in the Ryan Murphy-verse were smokers — admitted to becoming dependent on nicotine after playing Marcia Clark in American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson (2016) and filming American Horror Story at the same time.

« Even in scenes where I wasn’t smoking or doing anything she’d [prop master] just hand me the lighter and all of a sudden it was a different person, » added JLo.

Smoking was conflicting for the singer-actress who follows a strict health routine.

Jennifer has previously noted that ample sleep is her number-one health must-have, but fans also know she hits the gym regularly.

Picking up smoking couldn’t have been good for her gym gains, but did she stick with it?

Does JLo Still Smoke?

Like Paulson, the Dinero singer isn’t a smoker in real life. So fans are reasonably sure she broke the habit after filming Hustlers.

« I don’t drink – I’ll have a sip, but I’ve never been drunk – and I don’t smoke, » Lopez once said.

« I envy people who have those releases. They just have a drink or a cigarette, and they feel better. I have to brave it through the whole day on my own. »

Perhaps it’s also the reason she doesn’t mind Affleck’s smoking habit; when they first reconnected, at least, Ben was still on the nicotine.

What Does Jennifer Lopez Really Think Of Ben Affleck’s Smoking Habit?

The former Super Bowl headliner hasn’t publicly said anything about the Batman star’s cigarette addiction. And as Yahoo’s Ellen Niz wrote: « Ben Affleck Does Not Deserve to Be Shamed For Smoking in Those New Jennifer Lopez Photos. »

Fans are sure Lopez is also the understanding type of girlfriend who doesn’t pry on her partner’s personal choices. Niz added that certainly, « Affleck knows his habit is bad » but that he probably has good reasons for it.

She cited a study that says there’s « a positive correlation between people who struggle with substance abuse and people who smoke cigarettes, even if they themselves would prefer to quit » — concluding that maybe for the actor, « his cigarette addiction is an acceptable lesser of two evils » after admitting to going to rehab in 2019.

For the record, Affleck had it much worse before. He used to claim smoking was « part of his identity. »

He quit when he found out he was going to be a father for the first time. But perhaps he’ll find another inspiration to quit soon, especially with things going well with his now-wife.