Is That Character Secretly Princess Leia In Andor?!

Warning: Spoilers for Andor episode 8

Some Star Wars fans are convinced that one Andor character is secretly Princess Leia. Multiple theories postulate that Kleya Marki, played by Elizabeth Dulau, isn’t who she claims to be in Disney+’s Andor show. It’s actually been suggested that the mysterious shop assistant is none other than Princess Leia herself.

Suspicions about Leia being involved in the show come at an interesting time, as it wasn’t that long ago that Princess Leia appeared in a different live-action Star Wars series. By taking the story all the way back to the gap between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi show was able to introduce viewers to a 10-year-old Princess Leia. After that, there was originally no expectation of Star Wars diving into yet another period of Leia’s life, but that’s exactly what many are speculating is happening in Andor. Here’s why some believe that Kleya is Leia and if there’s any chance of this scenario becoming a reality in the Disney+ series.

Where Is Princess Leia During Andor’s Timeline?

Andor takes place five years before Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca teamed up and took down the Death Star in A New Hope. That would put the princess in her early teenage years in Andor. At that time in her life, she should still be growing up in the home of the Organas on Alderaan, cultivating her knowledge of politics. It’s true that Leia became a senator at the unprecedented age of 16 and became swept up in the rebellion early on in her youth, but neither of these things have happened in the timeframe of Andor season 1’s story.

Why Would Princess Leia Be Working With Luthen On Coruscant?

This idea that Leia would help Luthen Rael take a stand against the Empire does make sense, which has a lot to do with why these theories about Kleya are picking up so much steam right now. While growing up, Leia was heavily invested in the Rebel cause and was deadest on opposing the Galactic Empire. Her unwavering efforts to help the Rebels and hurt Palpatine’s hold over the galaxy is what ultimately turned her into a hated enemy of the Empire before A New Hope. She, much like Andor’s Kleya, was an early foe of the Empire and someone deeply committed to stopping them at every turn, which is a similarity that justifies the comparisons.

With everything that’s known about her, it’s not hard to imagine Princess Leia sharing Luthen’s goals in Andor. She too wanted people to see the Empire for what they really were and wanted more people to stand up and fight. Apparently, both Luthen and Kleya are so determined to accomplish this goal that they’re willing to bring about more hardships for the people of the galaxy. They think that they have to make the Empire escalate their activities and stop “strangling them slowly” in order to force people into action against them. Whether or not Leia would go this far isn’t clear. Plus, it’s important to note that Kleya has ordered Vel to murder Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, which feels uncharacteristically ruthless for someone like Princess Leia.

Kleya Probably Isn’t Leia, But She Likely Is Very Important

Admittedly, Andor’s Kleya actress could easily pass for a young Leia, and the two characters’ motivations line up extremely well. Her hair has only strengthened comparisons between the two. However, it would be difficult for Andor to link Kleya and Leia without creating some serious timeline issues. Princess Leia is approximately 14 years old in Andor, which means she’s too young to be Elizabeth Dulau’s character. Plus, it’s a bit too early for Leia to have this level of involvement in the fight against the Empire in the Star Wars timeline.

While Andor’s Kleya-Leia theories are unlikely to pan out, the idea that she’s more important than she seems may not be far from the mark. Given the amount of screen-time she’s received as of late, the prospect of Kleya getting a major role in the overarching story of Andor is rather high. In fact, a completely different theory about her character’s identity may turn out to be true before Andor ends. Rather than stand revealed as Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia, Kleya could be the long-missing sister of Cassian Andor. The continued emphasis on Cassian’s search for his sister boosts the chances of her appearing in the flesh sooner or later, and making her Luthen’s Revel ally may very well be the twist Andor has been building toward since the beginning.

Andor releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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