James Bond Q Actor Expects To Be Replaced Along With 007 In Bond 26

Ben Whishaw thinks Bond 26 could wipe the slate clean, meaning he may not return as Q when a new actor takes on the role of James Bond. James Bond is one of the most popular and longest-running film franchises, beginning with Dr. No in 1962. Traditionally, a new James Bond actor would take over the role without acknowledging the change on screen. No Time to Die made history as the first Bond film to kill off the superspy in the final moments of Daniel Craig’s tenure. However, this is not the end of Bond, with a hunt for the next James Bond actor underway, but it does mark a shift in the franchise.

Whishaw was first introduced as Q, the famed inventor of Bond’s spy gadgets, in Skyfall. Screen Rant spoke to Whishaw at Sundance while he promoted his new movie, Bad Behavior. When asked about a potential return in Bond 26, he shared disappointing news about his future with the James Bond franchise.

Everyone knows Bond is being recast, but can we hope to see you as Q again?

Ben Whishaw: Your guess is as good as mine. I have not heard anything. I have a suspicion that they might sort of wipe the slate clean and start again, so maybe not, sadly.

Will James Bond 26 Wipe The Slate Clean?

No Time to Die does set up an opportunity to bring in a whole new cast for the next installment of the franchise. While in the past Bond movies have kept supporting characters like M, Q, and Miss Moneypenny consistent even as a new 007 was introduced, No Time To Die set a new precedent for the action franchise. Whishaw brought a fresh perspective to the character of Q, who has traditionally been older than the MI6 agent. However, whether he returns could depend on how Bond 26 approaches the continued saga of the titular spy.

Whishaw’s Q could easily fit into the next Bond movie, but his thought that Bond 26 may opt for a total do-over makes sense. Craig’s time as Bond was very different from past iterations, which followed the agent from his early days in Casino Royale to his retirement and eventual death in No Time to Die. Craig’s Bond focused on character development with a more grounded and grittier approach, shedding the character’s usual camp. Bond 26 could be an opportunity to find the balance between the two extremes, keeping elements from Craig’s Bond such as character-driven plots while bringing a more lighthearted tone back to the franchise.

If the next Bond movie takes a different approach to the action franchise, stepping away from the grittier style and leaning into the more fun elements of James Bond, bringing in a new supporting cast would further solidify this change. The already existing characters could make a tonal shift feel out of place, especially after they saw their friend and ally sacrifice himself to save the world. While it would be disappointing not to see Whishaw continue as Q, any definitive news will likely have to wait until after the next James Bond is cast for Bond 26.