John Cena & Peacemaker Cast Danced to Theme Song at James Gunn’s Wedding

John Cena and the rest of the Peacemaker cast danced along to the show’s theme song at James Gunn’s wedding. Peacemaker, which premiered on HBO Max on January 13, is a spinoff to Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel The Suicide Squad, which came out just a few months before, in August 2021. The series followed Cena’s character Christopher Smith, also known as Peacemaker, a vigilante weapons expert who is so devoted to the idea of peace and freedom that he’s willing to kill for it. The series, which was created, co-written, and partially directed by Gunn, also stars Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, and T2 star Robert Patrick.

One element of Peacemaker that was a major standout was the opening credits sequence, which continued Gunn’s habit of including retro tunes in his projects (a habit that reached its peak with the Awesome Mixes in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise). The theme song was the track « Do Ya Wanna Taste It » by Norwegian glam metal band Wig Wam, whose previous claim to fame was taking ninth place in Eurovision 2005. Peacemaker makes a série of the song with its opening sequence, which features the entire cast doing a wacky choreographed dance to the music.

On his Twitter account, Gunn shared the official playlists that played at his recent wedding to Emelia Harcourt actress Jennifer Holland. One of the playlists that he shared was the dance tracks for the actual reception, which included several songs that will be familiar to Gunn fans, including « Come and Get Your Love » by Redbone and « I Want You Back » by The Jackson 5. The opening track was « Do Ya Wanna Taste It, » and while sharing the playlist, he revealed that John Cena and the rest of the Peacemaker cast danced along, though followers will likely be disappointed he did not share a video, unfortunately. Check out his Tweet below:

Peacemaker was such a successful series for the streaming service that HBO Max renewed it for season 2 within a month of its debut. However, Gunn has admitted that the opening sequence may need to be altered, considering the fact that several of the characters who appeared in the original dance number died over the course of the series. It seems likely that there will be another dance number, potentially even to a new Wig Wam song, as « Do Ya Wanna Taste It » was not the only track of theirs to appear on the Peacemaker soundtrack.

Even though the classic « Do Ya Wanna Taste It » number may possibly be gone, it will certainly be gratifying to Peacemaker fans to learn several things from this Gunn Tweet. The first is that the cast and crew seem to genuinely be friends and support one another, even outside of work. The second is the outrageous fact that the cast remembers the dance from the opening number, even though they filmed the series over a year ago.

Source: James Gunn/Twitter

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