Kaley Cuoco Would Actually Skip Lunch And Eat For Real During Her Big Bang Theory Scenes

For 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory enjoyed quite the run on CBS. In truth, the series could have continued on for another 12 seasons… The likes of Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki will continue to cash in thanks to backend profits for a very long time.

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When it comes to the filming of The Big Bang Theory, fans may have noticed several scenes feature the cast eating food, especially takeout while filming in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. We’ll take a closer look at the food and if the cast is actually eating it. In addition, we’ll reveal what the show does with the extra food.

To kick things off, we’ll reveal some production secrets from the show – including what they use instead of red wine, and what really takes place when the characters are walking up the stairs of Penny, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment building.

The Big Bang Theory Production Team Made Some Subtle Switches During The Show

The food on The Big Bang Theory was completely real, however, we can’t say the same for the alcohol… According to a fan that attended a live taping of the series, the production team would come in between takes and fill up Kaley Cuoco’s glass with grape juice, not actual wine.

J.W. Lynne writes, « Since Penny (Kaley Cuoco) was pouring wine during the scene, they wheeled over a cart stocked with clean wine glasses and a bottle of grape juice (at least that’s what it looked like) and quickly replaced and refilled everything so that, for each take, it looked like Penny was doing things for the first time. »

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The sitcom was also sneaky in other ways. According to Kunal Nayyar, walking up the stairs in Sheldon, Penny and Leonard’s apartment building wasn’t actually them walking up a different staircase. Instead, they were repeatedly going up or down the same flight of stairs, though the only difference, the production team would change the numbers on the door.

« The way it works is, you go down the stairs, and then they yell, ‘Hold.’ They change the scenery from like if the apartment says 1a it suddenly says 2a or 3. They change the set, so it looks exactly like another floor. »

When it came to eating the food on the series, there were no secrets or anything of the sort…

Kaley Cuoco Really Ate Her Food During Scenes On The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco has since deleted the behind the scenes video, which shows her eating for real on the set of The Big Bang Theory.

In her post, Cuoco revealed that she would skip out on lunch when it was time to film food related scenes, for the most part, due to how much food was available on-set.

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Kaley wrote in her post, « If you ever wanted to know what happens during our ‘dinner’ scenes, here are two videos that show the before and after. »

She continues, « I always forgo lunch if I know we are shooting an eating scene like this one lol when you watch TONIGHT’s all new @bigbangtheory_cbs episode, you will know I was quite satisfied. Notice our crew cleaning up the props and throwing things away. The cast is moving on with their day. The scene is done. I’m wrapped. Time to go home. »

So yes, Cuoco was genuinely hungry during a large portion of her eating scenes on the sitcom.

Although we appreciated the behind the scenes reveal, fans were upset with the ‘throwing away’ part of Cuoco’s caption. It caused some backlash online, and Cuoco had to once again step in and address the matter.

The Extras That Weren’t Finished On The Big Bang Theory Were Donated To Shelters

Cuoco was forced into making another statement about the food on The Big Bang Theory, after fans worried that everything extra was thrown into the trash and completely wasted.

The sitcom star admitted this is not the case and instead, everything that is untouched on the show is donated to a shelter once production wraps up.

Cuoco wrote, « FYI that food had been eaten, touched and worked with all day. We save all food and give away all uneaten leftovers at the end of shoot days. »

The right approach, clearly.