Kelly Ripa Appeared On Live With Kelly And Michael Without Any Makeup Because Of George Clooney

George Clooney is not to be trusted… especially given his lengthy history of pranking co-workers. This is the same guy that even pranked Meryl Streep, who most would assume is off limits.

His roommate was also on the other end of a terrible prank involving his cat, but we’ll have more on that later, with some of Clooney’s other pranks.

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Kelly Ripa is worth a fortune these days, however, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and that was on full display back in 2014 when she lost a bet to George Clooney.

We’ll take a look back at how the bet all came about, and how Kelly Ripa was forced into appearing on national television, without any makeup.

George Clooney Is Known To Be A Master Prankster

Getting into a bet with George Clooney is never a good idea. Especially, given his background as a master prankster. Clooney has tricked some of Hollywood’s finest, including Matt Damon. Clooney shrank Damon’s clothes while shooting The Monuments Men. The goal was for Damon to believe he was gaining weight…

That’s just the start of it, as Clooney also pranked Brad Pitt and so many other celebs. He made his roommate believe that his cat had went to the bathroom like a human, with ‘real human waste’…

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Turns out according to People, Clooney was passing on the gift of his special pranks to his daughters during their extra time together while the pandemic was taking place.

« He’s mainly teaching pranks for the time being. But we’ll see if it develops, » Amal Clooney told People.

« Well, I think those can really pay off over time, » Clooney responded.

Now this particular situation was not a prank, however, the outcome was very much prank-like, as Kelly Ripa was on the wrong side of a bet.

Kelly Ripa Lost A Super Bowl Bet To George Clooney And Went Without Makeup For Live With Kelly And Michael

Back in February of 2014, Kelly Ripa appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael without any makeup. She revealed that it wasn’t a mistake, instead, a lost bet against George Clooney.

« Calm down, we’ll all get through this together, » Ripa joked.

« Don’t adjust your dials. There’s nothing wrong with your TV. One of us is wearing makeup today, and one of us isn’t. Not even anti-shine. I labored under the delusion that I looked OK without makeup until I came out here and I went, ‘Oh my God!' »

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Ripa went on to admit that she never lost a Super Bowl bet, until this time around. « I’ve never lost a Super Bowl bet, ever, in my life. So imagine: A, losing, B, losing and you can’t wear makeup and C…what’s C? »

Kelly joked that Clooney was the real loser of the bet, while Strahan praised Kelly for her natural look. It was a great light-hearted moment. Major props to Kelly Ripa for going along with it and being a good sport.

Kelly Ripa Is Completely Transparent When It Comes To Her Beauty Routine

Credit to Kelly Ripa who is very open when it comes to skincare routines. Alongside Glamour, Ripa did not shy away, discussing treatments that in her own words, were ‘life-changing experiences’.

She said, “It was a life-changing experience,” she says. “I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but it was divine for me. I did not understand that so many people around me were getting Botox—I just thought I was aging in dog years and nobody else was.”

Ripa further admitted that the choice was completely hers, and it wasn’t from pressure elsewhere.

“For me, it was just more of my comfort level. If I worked off camera, I would not wash my hair with regularity or wear makeup but when I started to see things that I didn’t like, I thought, well, the next turtleneck is going to have two eye holes,” she told People.

“I’m not saying you should let people bully you into cosmetic procedures. These are my choices for me.”

Great to see Kelly Ripa keeping things honest.