Kim Kardashian Remains ‘In Contact’ With Pete Davidson After Breakup

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are reportedly still « in contact » in the wake of The Kardashians star’s split from the comedian. Kim and Pete enjoyed nine months of public dating before calling it quits in August. At the time, Pete was filming his upcoming movie Wizards! in Australia, and the distance and busy schedules put a wedge on the budding romance. Sources shared Kim and Pete’s amicable split and how they decided to remain friends despite the mutual feelings they explored.

Now two months after Kim and Pete’s split, insiders are dishing on the friendship they’ve carried on. « Pete and Kim still keep in touch, » a source told ET. « It wasn’t a bad fallout or breakup, so things are good between them and they’ve remained in contact. » The confirmation comes after fans speculated that Pete sent Kim flowers for her 42nd birthday after she posted a photo of roses alongside a Jasmine-scented Diptyque candle to her Instagram Story. Many assumed the candle was a reference to the « Jasmine and Aladdin » sketch on Saturday Night Live a year ago when Kim and Pete first met and hit it off.

At the time of their breakup, Pete was away in Australia, and Kim was busy making appearances and launching new products. « The distance has been hard and things were starting to fizzle out, » a source said at the time. « Pete being away for so long was hard for them. » But just ahead of the breakup announcement, insiders dished on how happy Kim and Pete were together and their hopes for making the relationship work. Pete had already shown how dedicated he was to Kim by tattooing and branding his body with odes to his famous girlfriend. Pete even got a tattoo of Kim and the four West kids’ initials, which reportedly infuriated Kanye West.

Kim and Pete went strong for months, despite Kanye’s antics on social media and in his music videos. Kanye spent weeks tormenting Pete online and even released a music video where a cartoon version of himself decapitated the standup comedian. Kanye eventually eased up on his social media tormenting until the breakup was announced. Once the split was confirmed, Kanye released a post saying RIP to Skete, the nickname he gave to Pete. Sources said Kanye’s antics led to Pete seeking therapy for treatment. At the time, insiders shared Kim’s support for Pete seeking therapy treatment in the wake of their breakup and Kanye making it a mockery.

The latest reports show signs of a possible reconciliation between Kim and Pete. It’s not like they broke up because they stopped caring for each other. The Kardashians star might be dropping hints of wanting Pete back. If Kim and Pete do get back together, it’ll surely upset Kanye. But considering how the rapper has gotten himself banned from social media in recent weeks, Kim and Pete might not have anything to worry about.

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Source: ET