« Larger » Gotham Knights Patch Will Address FPS Stability On PS5 & Xbox

A new patch has been announced for Gotham Knights that will address framerate stability issues for the game. The game as a whole has proved divisive with critics, with several Gotham Knights reviews criticizing its performance on consoles, citing lag and FPS issues. Player opinion has also varied when it comes to the game’s story, fighting mechanics, and open-world Gotham setting.

A new Tweet thread from the Gotham Knights Twitter account has outlined a new patch for the game that will reportedly address several issues. For console users, the patch will specifically « address challenges with framerate stability. » While a patch was recently released for PC players, an update for players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will be seen by the end of this week. Besides performance issues, little has been revealed about the console patch, but developers stated more information will be coming soon, and that the patch will « address a mix of needed fixes. »

One of the prevailing criticisms from players is Gotham Knights’ 30 FPS cap and missing performance mode – not just its general framerate stability (which has also proven problematic, especially for players in co-op). Currently, even though Gotham Knights is a title exclusively for PC and current-generation consoles, it’s missing one of the staple features of most current-gen games. This has surprised many players of the Batman-less adventure game, as higher graphics and performance capabilities are generally one of the main reasons behind a game not having a cross-gen release.

Of course, the stability issues and framerate drop problems of Gotham Knights are something that must be addressed before more FPS options are added to the game – there’s little point in a higher framerate if the graphical problems players are currently experiencing persist. Strangely, the PC requirements for Gotham Knights make it so the game can run at 60 FPS, although the hardware packs more processing power overall. This proves that the game does have the capability to run at 60 FPS, but that consoles were possibly incapable of meeting that demand.

Currently, not much is known about exactly what the Gotham Knights console patch will entail, as the language used in the Tweet thread was quite broad and vague. However, if WB Games Montréal wishes for Gotham Knights to be on a level footing with other current-gen games, then an FPS update should be on the table. Some players may be holding off on purchasing the game for other reasons – perhaps fans are weary of the game’s combat quality, or feel they’ll miss Batman too much in Gotham Knights to enjoy the story. However, one would imagine that some performance upgrades would increase Gotham Knights’ chances of winning over skeptical players.

Source: Gotham Knights/Twitter