Luke Skywalker Is Exposing the Hidden Legacy of the High Republic

Contains a preview of Star Wars #30!The High Republic era has brought many new additions to the Star Wars universe, and now Luke Skywalker is set to explore one of its most mysterious. Hundreds of years after the heyday of the High Republic, Luke and friends are set to delve deep into No-Space, and what they’ll find is a complete mystery.

No-Space is one of the most hidden locations in all of Star Wars, inaccessible via normal hyperspace routes. The only known way to get to No-Space is through almost impossible to find hyperspace lanes called « The Paths, » which can’t be detected through conventional technology. The Paths are only accessible by using the Force, a feat first achieved by prospector Mari San Tekka, or via extremely rare « Path Drives. » During the High Republic era, No-Space held the base of operations for the Nihil, the marauders that terrorized the galaxy at that time. With Tekka’s help, the Nihil were able to gain a strategic advantage over the Republic, operating from the Great Hall of the Nihil within No-Space. However, since the days of the High Republic, No-Space hasn’t been explored, until now.

The newly released synopsis for Star Wars #30 by Charles Soule and Andrés Genolet reveals that a quintet of classic Star Wars characters are about to embark on a journey deep into No-Space. According to the synopsis posted by League of Comic Geeks:

Some of the Rebel Alliance’s best and brightest have gotten lost in an unknown region of space while hunting for a lost treasure. How will LUKE SKYWALKER, LEIA ORGANA, CHEWBACCA, LANDO CALRISSIAN and AMILYN HOLDO ever survive the horrors…of NO-SPACE?

With the Nihil’s dissolution between the High Republic and the rise of the Empire, it’s a complete mystery as to what No-Space currently holds. Readers only know about the Great Hall of the Nihil as a location, and whether or not it still exists, there’s a lot of room for new discoveries.

Theoretically, No-Space could act as a completely isolated environment, hermetically sealed, with any life inside living and developing completely independently of the rest of the galaxy. Star Wars has always been marked by its shared galactic society, and while isolationist planets and systems certainly exist, an area devoid of any galactic interference or travel would be fascinating to see, especially if classically-sentient life didn’t exist there. Alternatively, it’s also possible that some remnant of the Nihil could still remain in No-Space. If nobody could find No-Space or access the Paths, and they were self-sustaining, these Nihil could have existed in relative isolation for centuries.

If a society does exist within No-Space, Luke and company’s discovery of it could also parallel one of the most interesting tales from Star Wars’ Legends canon. One of the most famous disasters of this canon was the Outbound Flight project, which, shortly before the Clone Wars, aimed to explore the Outer Regions and beyond with a crew of 50,000. Unfortunately, the project was destroyed at Darth Sidious’ orders, and believed entirely lost. However, around 50 years later, Luke Skywalker discovers that the survivors of Outbound Flight have built an independent society without contact with the outside world near Chiss space. If No-Space does harbor a society, then the parallels between the two canons would be fascinating to see.

No matter what High Republic mysteries No-Space holds, they’re likely to come to light when Luke Skywalker and friends send the region back on a collision course with the rest of the Star Wars universe.

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Source: League of Comic Geeks