Manifest Can (& Must) Finally Fix An Olive Problem In Season 4

TJ’s return means that Manifest must address and fix a major problem with Luna Blaise’s Olive Stone. Played by Garret Wareing, TJ Morrison was curiously absent throughout season 3, but is confirmed to be back when the show releases its fourth season. Albeit only for a brief moment, TJ was spotted in the Manifest season 4 trailer.

Bringing back TJ will force Manifest to deal with a major point of criticism regarding its handling of Olive’s romantic relationships. When TJ left toward the end of season 2, it was understood that she and TJ were still together. Yet for a reason that was never explained, she entered a new romance with Levi in season 3 and never acknowledged whether or not she was still with TJ. Olive seemingly forgetting about TJ fueled the frustration stemming from his absence in season 3. This idea that Olive appeared to be cheating on TJ created negative feelings toward her character and has yet to be dealt with. If TJ never returned, Manifest could continue ignoring the issue, but his role in season 4 means the status of their relationship and what’s going on with Levi will have to be discussed.

Manifest Shouldn’t Bring Back TJ & Olive’s Romance

If Manifest didn’t introduce the Levi character as a new love interest for Olive and a replacement for TJ, it would be easy for the series to resume that relationship upon TJ’s return to the fold in season 4. Theoretically, Manifest can drop Levi since he’s such a relatively minor figure in the story and shift the attention back to TJ, but going in that direction wouldn’t do justice to Wareing’s character, nor would it feel like an appropriate solution to the problem. The reality of the matter is that Olive did move on from TJ, so what happened in season 3 shouldn’t just be swept under the rug. The best course to take now is for their relationship to be addressed and then abandoned.

What TJ’s Story In Manifest Season 4 Could Be

Olive is one of a handful of characters that TJ had key interactions with in Manifest season 2, so it is likely that if he sticks around for the rest of the story, their dynamic will continue to hold at least some degree of significance (even if it’s no longer romantic). But, it’s important to note that TJ – unlike Levi – is so much more than just a love interest to a main character. In season 2, TJ was heavily involved in the investigations into the Callings and was quickly emerging as one of Ben’s biggest allies. When using him in season 4, Manifest can get back to that side of the character.

Arguably the best way to use TJ is to focus on his role in the Al-Zuras mystery. After all, the 15th-century Egyptian explorer was how the show justified his exit in the first place. TJ said he would spend his time in Egypt digging for information on Al-Zuras and his journal. Since Al-Zuras experienced the same phenomenon that the Flight 828 passengers did, understanding what happened to him can be instrumental in getting the answers to Manifest’s most pressing questions. TJ helped a lot in moving the Al-Zuras story forward, so it’s only fitting for him to be a part of how this mystery ends – regardless of what happens between him and Olive.

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