Manifest Hints At What “It’s All Connected” Really Means

The Manifest season 4 trailer provides a huge hint at what “it’s all connected” actually means. Spoken by several characters on the show, “it’s all connected” is one of the most commonly used phrases on the show and also one of its most important lines. Presumably, it defines a key element of the show’s story and the mystery that plagues every Flight 828 passenger.

Ever since Cal uttered that now-famous line after looking at the plane window, there’s been questions about what “it’s all connected” really pertains to in Manifest and exactly why so many events in the series are linked together. In the trailer, Michaela talks about how the plane’s disappearance in the storm wasn’t an accident and later says, “The storm flew into us. It chose us.” This comment is followed up by Ben mentioning a “divine consciousness”, which implies that the understanding is that the latter is what selected each of the passengers. If that’s true, the “divine consciousness” is the glue that binds together every individual event they can’t explain.

God or a different high power choosing people and making them disappear is a reveal that would make sense of every disappearance that has happened thus far in the Manifest timeline. For a reason they don’t know, Al-Zuras and the crew of a 15th-century ship, Noah’s Ark, three meth addicts, and a bank robber have all vanished in separate incidents. Some wondered if time anomalies or some other science-fiction phenomenon was responsible, but instead, it looks like a divine entity picked all of them to fulfill a specific purpose. That alone fully makes sense of how the passengers are connected to Al-Zuras and all the others, and even explains why at the same time. They’re all a part of a higher power’s plan.

While a divine consciousness being the reason for all the disappearances is a big development for the show, it’s not an idea that they haven’t already entertained. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Parveen Kaur’s Saanvi arrived at a similar conclusion in season 3 when she discovered traces of sapphire on every object associated with Manifest’s mysterious disappearances. Since sapphire is regarded as a “signature of the divine”, there was a good reason to suspect then that there might be a spiritual answer to Manifest’s biggest mysteries. But at the time though, so many characters – and fans – were still unconvinced of the show’s supposed religious connections.

Provided that the trailer’s religious moments aren’t a red herring for another reveal that’ll come later, Manifest may have just given away the biggest piece of the puzzle. Understanding that God is the one behind it all could be the first real step toward saving the Lifeboat and stopping the Death Date once for all. Because once they know why all these things have been happening to them, they’ll be able to move on to another mystery. Figuring out what the divine consciousness wants them to do and how they’re supposed to achieve it could be their next goals.

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