Manifest Season 4 Trailer Is Hiding Another Returning Character

Yet another major returning character is hiding in the trailer for Manifest season 4. It would seem, based on the trailer, that nearly every key player will be on hand for the next chapter in the passengers’ journey to beat the Death Date. The most surprising inclusion to the cast was TJ, but apparently, he won’t be the only one coming back into their lives when Manifest season 4 part 1 releases on Netflix.

A line in the trailer all but confirms that Frank Deal’s Captain Daly will be featured in the first batch of season 4 episodes. In addition to reminding viewers of his role with footage of Captain Daly piloting Flight 828 in season 1, Manifest revealed part of an exchange that appears to be between Michaela and Daly. In the trailer, Michaela says to an unidentified character, “You didn’t fly into the storm. It flew into us.” Considering that Daly was the pilot, Michaela saying this to anyone else wouldn’t make any sense. But for this conversation with Daly to happen, a major development will have to occur with his character. Right now, the show has two seemingly separate mysteries related to Captain Daly’s whereabouts.

How Manifest Can Bring Captain Daly Back Early

When Captain Daly vanished into the storm with Fiona in a season 1 episode, the character expressed a belief that he’d return in 2024, which would suggest that he wouldn’t be seen until the very end of the series. Exactly what happened to him after that wasn’t clear and could finally be addressed in Manifest season 4 part 1. However, that could require giving his character an early return. That is possible, of course, as it’s now understood that not all people who disappear are gone for the same length of time. So theoretically, Manifest can bring Captain Daly and Fiona back whenever it chooses. It doesn’t have to wait until 2024.

Manifest Could Be Solving Its Other Captain Daly Mystery

It could be that Captain Daly’s role in Manifest season 4 part 1 has more to do with what happened in the season 3 finale than it does with his season 1 ending. When he appeared momentarily in the cockpit at Eureka, he was curiously dressed in his pilot uniform and also without Fiona. Her absence and different clothing were clues that he’s not the same Daly that disappeared in season 1. Instead, it may be that what Dr. Gupta saw was actually Captain Daly at the time of Flight 828’s disappearance. There have already been hints of time travel being the explanation for what’s going on, so passengers briefly appearing at other points in the timeline is a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out.

Regardless of the circumstances behind Captain Daly’s appearance in Manifest season 4 part 1, his apparent return is huge for the Flight 828 passengers. All sorts of questions are swirling around his character, and at least some should be answered if he comes back and meets Michaela and the others. From him, they may be able to develop a better understanding of how these disappearances work. Depending on what happens, he may stick around until the Manifest series finale and help them figure out a way to rescue the Lifeboat before the inevitable Death Date.