MBTI® Of Netflix’s Money Heist Characters

One of Netflix’s most groundbreaking non-English language series, Money Heist, follows the escapades of a group of mastermind criminals who, with the guidance of « The Professor », are determined to pull off the greatest heist in recorded history.

With a master plan, a broad range of skill sets, and some intriguing character traits, this group of bandits seek to take over the Royal Mint of Spain in order to print out 2.4 billion Euros. Let’s take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types that make up this unlikely yet effective crew.

The father of fellow crew member Denver, Agustin Ramos dos Hermanas, is experienced when it comes to breaking the law, and the wisdom and tact earned from his past experiences shows when he provides other crew members with advice.

He is a generally lively character, and is never afraid to make a fool out of himself in front of the others in order to make them smile, whether he is singing his favorite song or telling a hilarious joke. He is a harmonizer as well as a stern father, and is always sure to keep his son in line when trouble seems to be brewing. His demise came when he was still portraying a fatherly figure to others in the group, as he was covering Rio.

Sergio Marquina, codenamed « The Professor », has some of the best quotes in Money Heist and is a highly intelligent individual who used his analytical skills, conscientiousness, and attention to detail to conceive an ingenious plan to execute a heist on the Royal Mint of Spain.

With his cool temperament and aptitude for critical thinking, he has been able to assist his crew in evading the police on multiple occasions, and even infiltrated the police himself, using the alter-ego « Salva » to form a relationship with Inspector Raquel Murillo.

A critical part of the crew as well as the show’s narrator, Silene Oliveira (AKA Tokyo) does have some unpopular opinions about her and seems to be serious and unapproachable at first, but secretly has a caring side that slowly reveals itself as the series progresses. After all, her last heist went sour after her boyfriend, who was also a robber, got killed and her crew’s robbery was foiled, resulting in her having a breakdown of sorts.

She is both factual and practical, and constantly reminds her lover Rio that their relationship will probably not progress, particularly since they both live risky lives while being part of such a dangerous crew. While her tendency to be systematic and set in her ways often leads to conflict with her teammates, she remains a loyal and invaluable member of the crew, so loyal in fact, that she sacrificed her own life for others.

A practical and assertive figure if not sometimes bordering on cruel, Mr. Berlin is the leader of the assault on the ground and second in command to the professor. He showed how ruthless he could be when ordering Denver to kill a hostage who did not cooperate, and he knows exactly how to send a shiver down the spines of those who oppose him.

Mr. Berlin is not one to double cross, and anyone who has the misfortune of agitating him should best sleep with one eye open. A typically concrete character, he has been shown to curb his behavior at times to cooperate with « The Professor », one of few people to whom he has openly displayed fondness, and when putting others first during an escape, resulting in his death.

An expert counterfeiter and a character with some of the best quotes in Money Heist, Agata Jimenez has proven her worth when it comes to managing other people in an effort to meet work deadlines and quality standards. She is a typically lively and energetic person, who showed her playful side when singing joyously upon the crew first taking over the Royal Mint of Spain.

While she can be quick to anger, she is ultimately an insightful and loyal friend, who audiences grew to love and were sad to see die. Nairobi was very future-oriented, and constantly planning what to do with the money she would earn from the heist as well as how to locate her long-lost son.

Typically calm and somewhat docile, Anibal Cortes is an expert computer hacker who understands all things technology, from alarm systems to security cameras. He is Tokyo’s lover and truly won her over with his quiet compassion and warm presence.

He is both incredibly loyal and spontaneous, which shows why he found it so easy to divert to the wrong side of the law by going through with the heist and effectively cutting ties with his family in favor of staying with Tokyo and the other bandits.

A hot-headed and natural brawler, Daniel Ramos is an expressive and lively presence in the group, always adding color to each conversation with snappy remarks and his signature laugh. His sociable manner makes him a much-loved member of the crew, so it’s no wonder that other crew members often tend to have his back.

While he may often come across as lacking in the brains department, he is quite tactful and is also empathetic. These traits are seen when he spares Monica’s life and keeps her safe while regularly remembering to bring her food and medicine.

While little is known about him, Yashin Dasayev was brought into the crew as muscle, and it’s not hard to see why. A veteran Serbian soldier with an intimidating physique, he is not one to mess with. Unfortunately, he is not one of the more intellectual members of the group, however, this has not stopped him from supporting the group in advancing their agenda.

He is a loyal and fierce soldier, however, he also surprisingly has a bubbly side to him and is actively sociable.

One of the more reserved characters, Monica was originally one of the hostages who worked at the Royal Mint of Spain, however, her empathy and tendency to harmonize soon saw her change allegiances. She is a compassionate person who not only cared for her former lover Arturo, but also took many risks to be with her new lover Denver when she saw how committed he was to her.

What assisted Monica greatly in her fight for survival was her adaptable nature, without which she would not have survived for as long as she did. These are the traits that earned her a spotlight in the series over any of the other hostages.

As the National Police Corps inspector in charge of the case concerning the heist, Raquel is both assertive and analytical, hence why she was the best candidate for the job. Always intellectually curious, she constantly pursues understanding in her conversations with « The Professor » in order to help her solve the case.

She does appear detached at times, hence why she allows work to take preference over spending time with her daughter, however, this does not mean that she lacks in empathy and compassion when she needs to come to a loved one’s aid.