MCU Fan Art Brings Ryan Gosling Casting Rumors To Life

Recent Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four reboot rumors have led to a stunning piece of fan art that envisions actor Ryan Gosling as the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Sentry. Gosling has had his name tied up with the MCU for some time, with the actor having previously asked to be cast as Ghost Rider. Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige even noted Gosling’s wishes in the past and was enthusiastic about the possibility of the actor joining the MCU. A couple of rumors have recently popped up, linking Gosling to two important characters from Marvel Comics in the form of the Silver Surfer and Sentry.

Following these recent rumors, digital artist 21XFOUR has taken to Twitter to share their vision of Gosling’s Sentry in the MCU.

The MCU Silver Surfer role for Gosling seems a bit improbable, given that there has been no significant moment on Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie after its director change. On the other hand, the rumor of Sentry’s inclusion started picking up steam throughout the end of the last year, with the leaker community confident in his appearance. If Gosling was indeed in recent talks with Marvel Studios, the fact that Thunderbolts starts shooting this June could lead credence to his possible casting as Sentry.

Marvel’s Sentry Explained

Marvel Comics’ Sentry is a very powerful character, who is commonly associated with DC’s Superman due to their similar powers, but they both are actually quite different. Apart from similar power sets, and the obvious nod from Marvel to Superman — « S » on the costume and cape included — Superman’s origin is much purer than Sentry’s. While Kal-El escaped from an exploding Krypton in a pod as a baby and was raised by the loving Kents, Robert Reynolds’ Marvel journey saw him drink The Golden Sentry Serum — a perfected Super Soldier Serum — and become the heroic Sentry. However, Reynolds was also left with The Void, a dark entity that takes control of his powers and body to kill viciously.

What Are The Latest Rumors About Sentry’s Involvement In The Thunderbolts Movie?

Since last year, rumors have been ramping up about Sentry’s involvement with Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thunderbolts movie. According to some leakers who have gotten details from MCU movies correctly before they premiered, Sentry will be the Thunderbolts’ villain. The character allegedly will not start out as a villain, however, with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine initially sending him alongside the already publicized characters who will make up the Thunderbolts’ roster on a mission, only for the problem to start when Sentry’s The Void personality takes over, which in turn makes the character one of the biggest threats the MCU has ever seen, with the potential to destroy the entire universe.

The Thunderbolts team includes Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes, US Agent, and Taskmaster. The team’s reveal was met with uncertainty, given that most characters on the roster appear to share the same powers/abilities, however, the rumored inclusion of Sentry as the movie’s villain would perfectly explain why Marvel Studios chose this specific roster. Sentry became a hero due to him taking the perfected Super Soldier Serum, which would connect him to multiple characters from the Thunderbolts, who were also exposed to different variations of the Serum after it worked for Steve Rogers. Given this connection, Sentry being the villain in Thunderbolts would make sense, and Gosling would be a great choice to play the nuanced character.