Midnight Suns Finally Confirms Deadpool As DLC Character

With Marvel’s Midnight Suns gearing up for release, it has been confirmed that Deadpool will be joining the game’s roster as a DLC character. Midnight Suns, a new RPG developed by XCOM developer Firaxis, will explore the darker side of Marvel’s iconic universe. Featuring tactical, card-based combat, Midnight Suns will let players fight alongside classic Marvel characters like Iron Man and Wolverine.

Following up on Deadpool’s previous attempt to get into Midnight Suns, the wisecracking hero has been announced for the game’s season pass in a new trailer on the Marvel’s Midnight Suns YouTube page. While the trailer focuses mostly on the inclusion of Deadpool, it also confirms the addition of three other Marvel characters – Venom, Morbius, and Storm. The four characters, in their respective DLC packs including new missions, enemies, and skins, will all be a part of the Midnight Suns season pass, which will also contain 23 premium skins for the base game. Deadpool in particular is set to be included in the first of these DLC packs, with a tentative release date of early 2023.

While the trailer technically confirms the inclusion of the four characters in Midnight Suns, the inclusion of DLC characters like Storm and Venom was teased previously on Twitter as part of the Deadpool account takeover, with Deadpool’s own inclusion also being hinted at. Although the trailer focuses largely on Midnight Suns’ season pass, the four DLC packs featuring the additional characters will also be available for individual purchase. Furthermore, while the season pass heroes have been announced, no gameplay for them has yet been shown.

While the Deadpool Twitter takeover and subsequent trailers show off the hero’s propensity for 4th wall-breaking antics well, some fans may be disappointed at a lack of a gameplay, as well as the inexact release date of early 2023. With the base game of Midnight Suns already having faced an unfortunate delay, however, it may be the case that the soft release date of the first DLC is an effort to achieve a slightly more flexible release schedule. Additionally, the announcement of the full season pass, as well as its contents, comes well before the base game’s actual release, something that may also be a result of the game’s delayed status.

With Midnight Suns already having announced an impressive roster of Marvel favorites, including Captain America and Spider-Man, more heroes on the way could be very welcome news to fans looking forward to the game’s release. With the title providing in-depth looks at its roster and gameplay, savvy players will already have some idea of what to expect. Fans of Marvel and tactical RPGs alike have plenty to look forward to when Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases on December 2, 2022.

Source: Marvel’s Midnight Suns/YouTube