Nana Visitor On The Possibility Of Returning To More Star Trek

Star Trek actress Nana Visitor has discussed the possibility of reprising her Deep Space Nine role in more new series. Deep Space Nine, which ran for seven seasons and 176 total episodes between 1993 and 1999, was the third live-action Star Trek series to ever be made, following Star Trek: The Original Series (which ran from 1966 to 1969) and Star Trek: The Next Generation (which ran from 1987 through 1994). The series followed the crew of a space station guarding a wormhole, which included Visitor’s character Major Kira Nerys, who was part of the main cast for every season. Nerys is the second in command of the station and the representative of the Bajoran people, who have just liberated themselves from the imperial Cardassians.

Although Visitor hadn’t appeared in a Star Trek project following her tenure on Deep Space Nine, this year she has participated in a variety of special events that honor her legacy in the Star Trek universe. This started with a panel earlier this month, where she and her co-stars Colm Meaney and Terry Farrell attended to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series. That was followed by the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode « Hear All, Trust Nothing, » which aired on Paramount+. In the episode, Visitor and Armin Shimerman reprised their roles as Kira and Quark (in animated form), as the characters of Lower Decks – including Tendi (Noël Wells) and Boimler (Jack Quaid) – discover that the Deep Space Nine station has become a sort of interstellar roadside attraction.

EW shared a conversation they had with Visitor and Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan about the momentous crossover. When asked about the potential to appear in further Star Trek properties, especially in live-action, she pointed to how exciting it is that shows like Star Trek: Picard are bringing back former cast members, especially women. She admits that if she was asked to return, she’d embrace the spirit of collaboration and say « Hell, let’s play! » Read her full quote below:

I’m fascinated [about women being brought back into the fold] in that way. What I love is collaboration. So if they said, « Hey, you wanna? » I’d be like, « Hell, let’s play! »

Should Visitor be invited to reprise her Deep Space Nine role, there are plenty of places for her to fit in, both in live-action and in animation. She could always return to Lower Decks, of course, but considering the fact that The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine took place along the same timeline, there could be a place for her and her co-stars on a potential spinoff of Picard as well. Deep Space Nine is making a major comeback in the next Star Trek comic series as well, so this would be an excellent way to tie in every branch of the universe.

It can be inferred from her quote that Visitor has not yet been invited to participate in further Star Trek series. However, considering her willingness, it seems like a smart move for Paramount+ to take advantage of her offer. The platform has built its Star Trek universe off nostalgia for many classic Star Trek series, including a huge Next Generation crew reunion in Picard season 3 and the appearance of young Spock and Uhura in Strange New Worlds, so bringing back Major Kira would likely be a coup for their fans.

Source: EW