New Andor Behind The Scenes Footage Teases A Star Wars Spy Thriller

In a new featurette shared by the official Star Wars Twitter account, a behind-the-scenes look at Andor offers glimpses of just how unique it will be. The trailer shows off the series’ impressive practical sets, real locations, and how they captured some action scenes, further demonstrating Andor’s massive scale and scope. The video also features several cast members talking about their experiences on the show, with O’Reilly, who plays Mon Mothma, describing the series as an « intricate, character-driven, spy thriller that lives in the world of Star Wars. » Check out the new trailer below:

While describing Rogue One solely as a spy thriller wouldn’t feel totally accurate, writer Tony Gilroy certainly did borrow from the genre. Gilroy, who also created Andor, is no stranger to spy thrillers, having written four Jason Bourne films, and it would appear that he got to take Star Wars deeper into that territory than ever before this time around. Where The Mandalorian is essentially a Western, a first for Star Wars, Andor is clearly attempting to do something that is similarly fresh, exciting, and new.

Of course, it’s not just its genre that makes Andor unique, but, as is shown off in the latest featurette, the show has also put a big emphasis on making things feel as real and tangible as possible. Shows like The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi relied heavily on The Volume, a massive wall of reactive digital screens, to create Star Wars’ vast backdrops, but Andor has evidently leaned into using real locations and constructing tangible sets. Whether Andor will be as revolutionary as the trailers suggest remains to be seen, but audiences thankfully don’t have long to wait to find out, with the show now less than two weeks away from releasing on Disney+.