New Avatar 2 Update Further Proves The Sequel Will Be Worth The Wait

Avatar: The Way of Water has been one of the most anticipated films of the year after multiple delays and a recent update proves that it will all be worth the wait. Titanic director James Cameron is no stranger to movies with stunning water visuals. Avatar 2 will be releasing an unusually long time after its predecessor, but the lengthy development is a good thing, judging by Titanic and the first Avatar. Both movies were visually groundbreaking and Cameron took his time developing the special effects of each, with both breaking box-office records. With such a long-awaited sequel, it is likely that he will top his already stunning work once again when Avatar: The Way of Water hits theaters.

While Cameron himself has not recently said anything about the visuals, Avatar 2 star Stephen Lang hinted at them in a recent interview. He tells audiences that he has seen a lot of the finished movie already, and he states, « I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen Avatar. It’s pretty out there, it’s beautiful. » Avatar had stunning visual effects that changed CGI forever and with the addition of water and heavy water effects, it sounds like The Way of Water will be breaking even more ground.

What We Know About Avatar 2’s Visual Effects & New Technology

When the first teaser trailer for the movie originally dropped, Avatar 2 received backlash for its CGI. However, that has since proven to be wrongful criticism. Much of the film is really shot underwater, with the cast members learning how to hold their breath for extended periods of time. In order to do this, Cameron and his team invented an entirely new kind of underwater mocap technology. Previously, it had been impossible to combine underwater shots with mocap; instead, actors were suspended on wires to imitate floating, with the water digitally added in later. James Cameron, however, was insistent that the underwater shots actually be underwater in order to create an experience that was literally and figuratively more immersive. Knowing Cameron’s insistence upon perfection, the post-production CGI will continue to be tweaked right up to Avatar: The Way of Water’s release.

Avatar 2 Already Sounds Better Than The First Movie

While Avatar 2 has lower box office projections, anticipation and stunning visuals may be more than enough for it to become the next big box office hit. Incredible visual effects are a huge part why the original Avatar broke as many records as it did. Spending 13 years developing a sequel has allowed Cameron, as well as the visual effects team and everyone else involved in the movie, to create a movie that will undoubtedly be better than the first one from a technology standpoint.

The success of the sequel and its special effects will not only benefit Cameron and the Avatar franchise but other movies, too. For example, Avatar 2’s underwater CGI technology could benefit Marvel as the studio introduces its own underwater character with Namor. If it has the same impact as the first Avatar, the sequel will undoubtedly advance technology in filmmaking in a huge way. Hearing reports that the visuals of Avatar: The Way of Water are unlike anything seen before holds a lot of promise, not just for the sequel, but for the future of Hollywood.