New Crab Pokémon Will Let You Become House Of The Dragon’s Crabfeeder

This reveal comes during the first season of HBO’s House of the Dragon, a spinoff series to Game of Thrones. A notable antagonist in the show so far is the Crabfeeder, a man who has been killing pirates and sailors in the shipping lanes surrounding islands known as the Stepstones, and subsequently nailing his victims to posts on the beach where they’re picked apart by crabs. Although Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be far less gruesome, using Klawf to round out an all crab team will let players roleplay as the Crabfeeder, albeit without the medieval warfare.

Players hoping to don the mantle of a villain in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will also be happy to find that the crustaceous team is reasonably viable. There is a fair spread of types: Kingler and Clawitzer cover the traditional Water typing, while Crawdaunt combines it with a Dark typing. Crabominable and Crustle add a bit of variety, as an Ice/Fighting-type and a Bug/Rock-type respectively, and Klawf provides a sturdy Rock typing. Between this, the new Terastal battle gimmick, and the wide variety of types for the moves they can learn, the player will rarely need to worry about being able to hit super-effectively.

The crustacean team is even fairly well-balanced in terms of team roles. While it’s too early to speak on the role Klawf might play in the sixth roster slot of the Pokémon team, both Crawdaunt and Crabominable have the stats to be solid physical attackers. Kingler is slightly more well-rounded as a generalist, though also with a focus on physical attack. Crustle is perfectly suited to be the defensive wall of the party, and Clawitzer provides strong special attacks. Altogether, the Crabfeeder’s team would have a solid setup to be successful in the world of Pokémon.