One MCU Villain Has Figured Out How to Beat Black Panther’s Vibranium

Contains spoilers for Ant-Man #3!Marvel has revealed an ingenious method for destroying Vibranium, the ultra-tough substance that makes up Black Panther’s unbreakable armor. In Ant-Man #3, Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie are attempting to keep the evil Black Ant from restoring Ultron to life. The two are carrying Ultron’s corpse in a Vibranium shell – and Black Ant shows the perfect way to destroy it. The issue is on sale now in print and digital.

Vibranium is the ‘anti-metal’ – an alien substance that channels vibrations, making it totally unbreakable. Vibranium fell to Earth thousands of years prior after Wakandan elders harnessed the ability to call down the meteor that would enable their nation to thrive. Black Panther’s armor is made of the substance, and Vibranium has made other appearances in the Marvel Universe, allowing Wakanda to become a world power, as it is highly coveted for its unique properties.

Scott Lang, the Avenger known as Ant-Man, and his daughter Cassie’s Vibranium coffin is reinforced with Asgardian magic and temporal energy, which should make it completely indestructible. Yet Black Ant reveals Ultron has a “backup plan” for his resurrection. Black Ant shoots the coffin with an enhanced version of the Time Master’s Aging Ray, causing it to age a million years in seconds – which causes the Vibranium to decay and fall apart. Ultron is released from his prison, and now the Ant-Men must work together to stop him. The issue is written by Al Ewing, drawn by Tom Reilly, colored by Jordie Bellaire and lettered by Cory Petit.

Vibranium is unbreakable even to heroes like Hulk, yet Black Ant destroys it as if it was tissue paper. Villains have tried for years to find ways to destroy Vibranium, to no avail – it’s even able to resist magic. Yet no one has seemed to take into account that not even Vibranium can survive the ravages of time – except for Ultron. Ultron’s scheme, to age the Vibranium coffin until it decays and falls apart, was a stroke of genius and points the way for later villains. It is also proof that Ultron is still one of the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe, as he was able to devise a way to destroy one of the toughest substances known to science. Ultron has leveled the playing field for villains everywhere. This method could potentially be applied to other nigh-indestructible metals, such as Adamantium and maybe even Mysterium.

Vibranium is important to the Marvel Universe – it powers economies and gives heroes like Black Panther an edge in battle – yet Ultron found an ingenious way to overcome its capabilities, showing once more why he’s one of the most impressive villains in both the comics and the MCU.

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