One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Timeline Explained After Season 2 Ending

Warning: Spoilers for One Of Us Is Lying season 2After a shocking finale, the showrunner of One Of Us Is Lying previews season 3. Based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus, One Of Us Is Lying premiered on Peacock last October. The series begins with five teens — Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel), and Simon (Mark McKenna) — who enter detention. That last character, Simon, dies under mysterious circumstances, and an investigation ensues. The ordeal also forces the remaining four to close ranks, pulling together and later growing apart once secrets are revealed.

One Of Us Is Lying season 2 picks up after the shocking murder of Jake (Barrett Carnahan) and the four main characters, known as The Murder Club, getting blackmailed as a result. The new installment of the Peacock series is differentiated in a few ways, aiming for more of a horror vibe befitting its October premiere and straying from the source material in some areas. One Of Us Is Lying also switched up its release model, debuting all of its eight episodes at once. This has allowed audiences to binge the whole season, which ended with a few big cliffhangers and a tease of what’s to come.

Although it has yet to be renewed by Peacock, One Of Us Is Lying showrunner Erica Saleh spoke about that eventful ending to TV Line. As it related to that big flashforward, Saleh noted that the hope is to work up to that flashforward in a way that would allow fans to track the characters’ journeys. Saleh also said that flashforwards were essential to the start of the show, though largely absent in season 2 and that it would be exciting to make that device more central again:

As of now, the hope would be to work up to that flash-forward so that we are, yes, finding out what happens on graduation day and finding out if these kids are going to get out of high school in one piece.

It’s a little early to say, but I do love the idea that in Season 1, flashbacks were really a huge part of the storytelling. In Season 2, we’re pretty much in the present through the whole thing. So thematically, working toward a season where we have flash-forwards feels very exciting. But all of that would be seen if and when we get in the [writers’] room.

Similarly to One Of Us Is Lying season 1, the thriller’s sophomore ending was packed. It was revealed that Fiona (Doralynn Mui) knew Jake from their time in rehab and that Fiona had been the anonymous blackmailer known as ‘Simon Says.’ The Murder Club comes up with a plan to frame her for Jake’s murder, which goes haywire, but Fiona cannot escape the police. Though the Murder Club feels like they can finally move on from all the chaos since Fiona is behind bars, the flashforward that ends the finale confirms that more trouble is ahead.

Graduation day, as Saleh previews, has another blood-splattered crime scene at the school. Cops are taking photos and gathering evidence in the final moments of One Of Us Is Lying season 2, which somehow includes a necklace Nate gave to Bronwyn as a gift. It remains to be seen how that all shakes out if Peacock renews the adaptation, but the writers have a roadmap for where the story can go.

Source: TV Line