Parenthood Reboot Show Possibility Addressed By Star

Parenthood star Sam Jaeger addresses the possibility of a reboot. Developed by Friday Nights Lights creator Jason Katims, Parenthood debuted on NBC and ran for six seasons. With an ensemble cast that included the likes of Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, Craig T. Nelson, Joy Bryant, Mae Whitman, and Ray Romano, the drama series tells the sprawling story of the Bravermans — an older couple, their four children, and their families, also shedding light on the various individuals they come across.

Loosely based on the 1989 film of the same name, which starred Steve Martin and featured Keanu Reeves, Parenthood generally received favorable viewers praising the chemistry between the actors and the show’s warmly inviting narrative. Though it never developed into a cultural juggernaut like other family-focused comedies and dramas, the adaptation nonetheless enjoyed a supportive fanbase that has occasionally wondered about the possibility of a reboot.

E! News asked Jaeger, who played Joel Graham on Parenthood, whether a revival of the NBC series could work and how it might happen. Jaeger cast some doubt on the likelihood of a revival, explaining that the show wouldn’t work as well without Nelson’s character. But he also mentioned that any potential follow-up project could follow the example of the Richard Linklater film Boyhood. Jaeger’s comments are included below:

“I don’t know what a Parenthood show looks like without Craig T., you know? That was a necessary end to our series. When we left the series, Boyhood, the movie by [Richard] Linklater had just come out,” Sam said, “and [Jason] thought, ‘Well, maybe that’s what we do. We come back every 10 years and see what the Bravermans are up to.”

Earlier this year, seven years after Parenthood concluded, at a panel for Austin’s ATX Festival, the cast shared some ideas about where their characters might have ended up. Christensen, who played Joel’s wife, Julia, said that the characters would continue to be the best parents they could be. She even noted that the Braverman family would likely expand. Shepard, who portrayed Crosby, said his character might open a gym. The characters would continue living their lives even if the audiences couldn’t see them.

Source: E! News