Percy Jackson Show’s Lotus Hotel & Casino Scenes Teased by Author

Rick Riordan teases Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians television show’s Lotus Hotel & Casino scenes as the show’s production begins filming the sequence. Walker Scobell will star as the titular demigod in the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Riordan’s novel series. Percy Jackson is expected to release in 2024, according to Riordan.

Taking place in modern-day America, Percy Jackson and the Olympians centers on Scobell’s Percy as he discovers he is the heir to the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. Sent to the hidden Camp Half-Blood to keep him safe and allow him to hone his demigod gifts, Percy is soon swept up into a quest to retrieve Zeus’ stolen Master Lightning Bolt. In order to prevent a destructive conflict of the Gods, Percy joins forces with friends Grover Underwood (Aryan Simhadri) and Annabeth Chase (Leah Sava Jeffries) to find the item, facing a number of trials from ancient Greek mythology, including harpies, gorgons, and even the Greek god of War, Ares (Adam Copeland). Their journey takes them across the United States to a number of locations that hide fantastical creatures and beings, and the series’ author has teased one of the locations that the show will bring to life.

Through his personal blog, Riordan revealed that Percy Jackson and the Olympians production is currently at work filming sequences set at the Lotus Hotel & Casino, something that the author admitted was difficult to capture. Despite this, Riordan praised the young cast’s work on the series, before promising the hotel sequence will have many small moments that call back to the original series of novels. Check out Riordan’s comments below:

« It seems particularly appropriate that as Halloween approaches, we are filming some of the scene work for the Lotus Hotel and Casino, which is about the trickiest and treatiest place I can imagine.

« Annabeth (Leah), Percy (Walker) and Grover (Aryan) continue to amaze me with their great work. Filming this season has been its own kind of quest, and our team of actors has come together like true heroes to deliver some fantastic scenes. Wait until you see the Lotus . . . you will know this part of the adventure well if you’ve read the books, but you will also find lots of fun details, new scenes and Easter eggs that make the experience even better. »

Percy Jackson’s Lotus Hotel & Casino Explained

Like the hidden sanctuary of Camp Half-Blood, the Lotus Hotel & Casino hides an aspect of Greek mythology in a contemporary American setting, this time being the Lotus Eaters who attempted to tempt Odysseus’ crew during his voyage home from the Trojan War. The Lotus Eaters established the venue in Las Vegas, Nevada, using generous gifts and addictive games to keep unwitting guests trapped for eternity, with magic slowing down time within the establishment. In The Lightning Thief, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth stay at the hotel to rest, but quickly leave once Percy realizes that they had been swept up in the Lotus Eaters’ spell. The Lotus Hotel & Casino is revisited at a later point in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians novel series during The Last Olympian, as part of fellow demigod Nico di Angelo’s past.

With Riordan providing updates on the show’s progress regularly, the production of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is being given a unique perspective. The Lotus Hotel & Casino is one of Percy’s more unique trials on his quest, one that tests his willpower as opposed to his strength or intelligence, so the crew behind the show have to strike a difficult balance between making the location seem both incredibly appealing and have a sense of unease in order to emphasize the danger once the truth is revealed. However, with Riordan praising the cast’s performances and the incredibly layered scenes, audiences are sure to be excited to see the lair of the Lotus Eaters brought to life.

Source: Rick Riordan