Please Don’t Bring Dewey Back In Scream 6

David Arquette was coy about the possibility of his character Dewey returning in Scream 6, but this would be a terrible idea for the slasher sequel for two reasons. Scream 2022 was one of the best additions to the Scream series, a sharp, funny, and surprisingly brutal sequel that proved the meta-horror franchise had a lot of life left. Unfortunately for longtime viewers, Scream 2022 also took its fair share of lives from the franchise’s cast of returning characters.

David Arquette’s fan-favorite character Dewey died in Scream 2022 when he was stabbed and killed by Ghostface. Despite this, in a recent interview, Arquette said “who knows” to the prospect of his character’s return in Scream 6, noting that many horror franchises have revived their villains and pointing out that there is a precedent for unexpected character revivals in the genre. However, while Arquette may say it is possible, bringing Dewey back to lie would make Scream 6’s deaths less impactful, while bringing him back for flashbacks would fail to give the series the fresh start that Scream 6’s new location promised.

While Scream 6 failing to bring back Sidney due to a pay dispute was a disaster, Scream 2022’s Dewey death was the perfect way to end the character’s story. Throughout his time in the Scream series, Dewey had been a lovable big brother figure to Sidney, a clumsy but well-meaning investigator, and a compelling love interest to Gale Weathers. Scream 2022 brought all of those stories to a heartbreaking, fitting end by breaking up Dewey and Gale, allowing Dewey to play a major role in the search for the killers, and killing him off as he protected Tara and Sam from Ghostface.

Dewey’s death was tragic, but it was also the perfect ending to his overall plot. Adding in another appearance from the character solely for the sake of surprising viewers smacks of desperation, particularly when Scream 6’s New York City setting already makes the movie a fresh start for the franchise. Scream 2022, like Scream 4 and Scream, was set in the small town of Woodsboro, and transporting the action to a new location should allow the franchise to also let go of legacy characters whose stories are already complete. Particularly when Scream 6 failed to bring back the still-living Sidney, bringing back Dewey could be a disaster.

Although Scream 2022 did feature an appearance from Skeet Ulrich as Scream villain Billy Loomis, this was necessary to tie the sequel’s events to the original movies. Scream 2022 handled his cameo well, and Scream 6 already must avoid insulting Kirby by ensuring that Hayden Panettiere’s role in the sequel is more than a mere cameo. As such, Scream 6 shouldn’t make the sequel’s job harder by bringing back Dewey even though his story has already come to a perfect natural ending, especially when this is only likely to sully the character’s status as a fan-favorite among viewers.