Quantum Leap Episode 2 Cast & Character Guide

This article contains spoilers for Quantum Leap episode 2.Quantum Leap episode 2 sees the core cast grow, with the introduction of some brand-new characters. The cult classic Quantum Leap series is a time travel adventure like no other. It starred Dr. Sam Beckett as the scientist who had discovered time travel, but who had wound up blasted through time, possessing one body after another and attempting to correct « crisis points » in their lives. NBC’s new relaunch sees Dr. Ben Song follow in Sam’s footsteps, leaping his way through the timeline.

The format of Quantum Leap naturally means every episode is different. Although the core cast remain the same, Ben’s latest misadventure inevitably means he’s encountering completely different people – and rarely at their best. Quantum Leap episode 2 perfectly demonstrates the scale of the show’s potential, when Ben leaps into the body of an astronaut on board the Atlantis space shuttle in 1998. There, he finds himself interacting with one of his own childhood heroes, an astronaut destined to die on this very mission.

NBC’s new Quantum Leap series is tied to the original through the character of Al Calavicci, Sam Beckett’s best friend. Back home in 2022, Ben’s closest colleagues are working to unravel a mysterious conspiracy involving Ben and Al’s daughter, Janice; this conspiracy is apparently the reason Ben wound up leaping through history in the first place. The official debut of Janice means the core cast is expanding, even as Ben encounters new characters in an action-packed episode. Here’s your guide to the Quantum Leap episode 2 cast.

The Quantum Leap episode 2 cast features a small number of actors playing the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis. The astronauts are played by:

The NCB relaunch of Quantum Leap is determined to honor the original, and particularly the late Dean Stockwell, who played Al Calavicci. British-Canadian actress Georgina Reilly has joined the cast of Quantum Leap as Al’s daughter, Janice, a secretive woman who apparently became obsessed with her father’s adventures. Quantum Leap episode 2 reveals Janice is not the instigator of this plot, however; rather, she was brought on board by Ben, for unknown reasons.

Susan Diol played the love of Al’s life, Beth, in the original Quantum Leap series. She reprises the role in Quantum Leap episode 2, when Herbert « Magic » Williams pays her a visit in the hopes she’ll lead him to Janice. Magic’s gambit pays off, but Janice proves smarter than he realized.

Raymond Lee (Made for Love, Top Gun Maverick, Kevin Can F*** Himself) stars in NBC’s Quantum Leap relaunch as Dr. Ben Song, the scientist who has rediscovered the secret of leaping through time. Ben was actually supposed to be the hologram on these missions, but he was determined to follow in Sam Beckett’s footsteps at Quantum Leap – for reasons that have yet to be ascertained. Fortunately, it turns out Ben loves spacewalks.

The character of Addison Augustine – Ben’s holographic adviser – is Caitlin Bassett’s first major role. NBC’s Quantum Leap relaunch has established a very different dynamic between the time traveler and his hologram, however; Addison is Ben’s fiancée, and in Quantum Leap episode 2 she finds herself struggling to process Ben’s secrecy. Fortunately, she stumbles upon a mysterious message left behind by Ben that hints at his true motives.

The rest of the Quantum Leap project return in Quantum Leap episode 2, which explores the consequences of Ben’s portrayal. They consist of:

Episodes of Quantum Leap release on NBC on Mondays at 10 PM ET. Episodes are available for exclusive streaming on Peacock the next day.