Recasting Lord Of The Rings Characters With Harry Potter Actors

The Lord of the Rings has dominated the fantasy genre for over 20 years, and much of that is thanks to the wonderful performances of the cast. It’s hard to imagine different actors in the roles of the members of the Fellowship; it seems like each of them was born to play the role they were chosen for.

Well, what if those characters were played by someone else? The Harry Potter franchise is full of great actors that could have done a great job filling the roles of the Fellowship. If the clocks wound back to the late ’90s and early 2000s, these Harry Potter cast members would have been great picks to act in The Lord of the Rings.

The late John Hurt did a marvelous job portraying Ollivander, the wand shop owner who sells Harry his wand. Hurt was a terrific actor with a wide range, and his gravelly voice would have perfectly fit the wise old wizard named Gandalf.

A character as central as Gandalf would need to be played by a man with great charisma, and Hurt was not lacking in that arena. The casting department couldn’t ask for much better than John Hurt if Sir Ian McKellen was unavailable.

Scabior in no way resembles a fair Elf, but early-2000s Nick Moran could definitely pull off the look. He had a certain air of innocence to him, yet a piercing look in his eyes. That’s a perfect mix of youthful energy that Elves possess and the sense of age-old wisdom about them.

Moran’s slender physique is another aspect that would have made him a great match to play the graceful Legolas of the Woodland Realm. He would have been a strong pick, though a long blonde wig may not have looked the most natural on him. Perhaps Legolas would have had darker hair had Moran been selected.

Timothy Spall is always incredible in supporting roles, and he would have been no different here. He always serves the scene rather than trying to elevate himself, so he wouldn’t be a distraction.

Though he often plays quite serious roles, Spall can be quite funny when the script calls for it. Seeing as Gimli serves as comic relief for much of the trilogy, Spall would have no issue filling those shoes.

The role of Aragorn is a tough one to fill. There is a lot weighing on the character’s shoulders, but Viggo Mortensen must have felt his own type of pressure during filming.

Gary Oldman is one of the best actors to ever grace the screen. If anyone could have handled the pressure of playing the future King of Gondor, it would have been him. Oldman has no trouble completely becoming the characters he plays, so it would have been a treat to witness him play Aragorn. The movies were being filmed at the perfect time, too. He would have been the right age, able to pull off a weathered look while still having a vibrant energy about him.

Rhys Ifans had a pretty minor role in Harry Potter, and he’s growing more well known in the latter part of his career, but he’s been immensely talented from the start. Boromir would have been a great challenge for him to play, and would have likely shot him to further recognition earlier.

Ifans can definitely pull off a rougher look, and that suits Boromir well, considering he’s a bit of a brute in the books. The adaptation would be a bit different from how Sean Bean played it, but the result would be just as great.

Of the four Hobbits, Merry tends to have the greatest mix of being serious at times and mischievous at others. Dominic Monaghan did a splendid job of portraying Meriadoc, but Ian Hart would have been just as brilliant in the role.

Hart has a great deal of charisma when needed, but he can also blend into the background at times when he isn’t meant to be a distraction. This is great for Merry, because he’s often part of a large group, but is rarely supposed to be the center of attention.

As the most eccentric member of the Fellowship, Pippin needs to be played by someone with great energy. Billy Boyd was phenomenal in the role and had audiences laughing consistently throughout the trilogy. He also did a great job accessing Pippin’s softer side as one of The Lord of the Rings’ kindest characters.

David Tennant is a remarkably gifted actor and a naturally funny person, making him a great fit for the character of Pippin. Even though Peregrin is mostly used for comic relief, he does have a few scenes where he packs quite an emotional punch. Those challenges wouldn’t be a problem in the slightest for David.

Mad-Eye Moody may not have been one of the kindest characters in the Harry Potter films, but Brendan Gleeson himself can be incredibly charming and fun when his roles call for it. Even more importantly, Gleeson is able to access a sensitive side that’s necessary for the role of Samwise.

As Frodo’s protector, Sam has to be passionate and bold in many cases. Brendan Gleeson had proved his strength in that regard quite early in his career. He would have been a wonderful choice to play Sam back in the early 2000s.

It seems as if Kenneth Branagh would have been far too old to play Frodo when The Lord of the Rings was filmed, but he would have only been in his late thirties when they began shooting. Seeing as Frodo is actually 50 years old by the time he leaves Hobbiton in the books, Branagh would have been a great age to portray him.

As the central character in The Lord of the Rings, Frodo needs to be played by someone with excellent screen presence. Branagh has always been a skilled actor with a great ability to lead. The character of Frodo would have been in good hands with him.

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