Resident Alien Season 3 Filming Update Shared By Alan Tudyk

As the current season nears a close, Alan Tudyk has shared a Resident Alien season 3 filming update. Tudyk, well-known for his voice work and celebrated turn as Wash on Firefly, stars in the Syfy series as Harry Vanderspeigle, an eccentric doctor living in a cabin in Patience, Colorado who is tasked with becoming the town’s new doctor following the death of their original. Little do the people of Patience know Harry is secretly an alien who crash-landed on Earth and is trying to repair his spacecraft and complete his mission to wipe out humanity, only for his bonds with the locals to put doubts in his mind.

Resident Alien season 2 picks up right on the heels of the season 1 finale, with Harry having crashed his ship after realizing Max was still aboard. The rest of the season has seen Harry and Asta race against time to get a message to his people to hold off from sending another agent to Earth to wipe out humanity, as well as caring for an egg from another alien who died on Earth sometime prior, and remaining hidden from the military and Terry O’Quinn’s alien-obsessed Peter. A number of plot threads have been reaching their peaks in recent episodes and now audiences are getting an exciting update about the already-confirmed Resident Alien season 3.

While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss season 2, Alan Tudyk looked to the future of Resident Alien. Expressing his excitement for getting back to work on the show, the star offered a season 3 filming update, teasing that he and his cast and crew would be reuniting in the next few months. See what Tudyk shared below:

Yeah, we still have a little time. It’ll be January, but it’s coming up. Right when it gets cold in Vancouver and the rain is the thickest, is the heaviest, and the most unceasing. But it’ll be good, Vancouver is just a beautiful place I love, you kind of get used to the rain in a way that I never thought was possible. You just kind of stopped noticing, that’s great.

It should be noted that though Tudyk indicates that Resident Alien season 3 filming could kick off in January, he did also state in the same interview that he had yet to see any scripts for the next season. With just over three months still to go, there is still plenty of time for showrunner Chris Sheridan and the writers room to put together the rest of the scripts for season 3. Additionally, with Tudyk teasing he has already begun building his playlist of songs to send to Sheridan to potentially include in Resident Alien season 3, he appears just as eager to get back to filming the hit Syfy comedy series as audiences are leading up to the season 2 finale.

With the current season seeing the door opening up for a whole host of new aliens, as well as the release of people kept captive by the military, Resident Alien season 3 could see a variety of new actors join the show’s ensemble roster. Tudyk recently teased his interest in bringing on more of his Firefly costars for cameos in the show, namely Morena Baccarin, even having the perfect role in mind for her. In the meantime, audiences can catch up with the first two seasons of Resident Alien streaming on Peacock now.