Rick and Morty Reveals Supernova’s Final Fate AFTER the Show

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty: Crisis on C-137 #4Fans of Rick and Morty are assuredly familiar with the time Rick murdered the Rick and Morty-equivalent of the Avengers just because he thought they were dumb, which means those same fans are still waiting to find out the final fate of Supernova. Well, that wait is finally over as one Rick and Morty comic reveals what happened to the cosmic ‘superhero’ after the show.

Rick and Morty introduced Supernova and the rest of the Vindicators in the season 3 episode “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”, though the episode clarifies that Rick and Morty knew all of them from a previous off-screen mission. In the episode, Morty is completely enamored with the Vindicators, saying that they’re his heroes and that he’s honored to fight alongside them. This makes Rick angry as he sees the Vindicators for the frauds he believes them to be, and he decides to use his unparalleled genius to expose them. Through a series of Saw-esque riddles and traps, Rick manages to murder every single member or the Vindicators (or drive them to murder each other), and the only one who survives is Supernova. At the end of the episode, Supernova even uses her cosmic, god-tier powers in an attempt to murder Rick and Morty before being forced to let them go and make a quick escape due to the fact that there were suddenly witnesses all around them, and she needed to maintain her superhero reputation–and that’s the last fans have seen of her. At least, until now.

Supernova Becomes a Reality T.V. Star in Rick and Morty’s Multiverse

In Rick and Morty: Crisis on C-137 #4 by Stephanie Phillips and Ryan Lee, Rick, Morty, and the rest of the Smith family are face-to-face with practically everyone in the multiverse who wanted to see Rick dead. These enemies were collected by a rogue Mr. Meeseeks who couldn’t complete his task, which drove the creature mad and pushed him to conclude that killing Rick was his only way out. One of those enemies was none other than Supernova, who still held a grudge against Rick for his murderous crimes against the Vindicators, and for nearly exposing her as the villain she really is. However, before Supernova can fire the killing blast, Rick uses a device that sends all the villains chasing him to alternate universes where they would presumably be trapped forever, and would finally leave him alone–and in the universe Supernova is sent to, she becomes a reality T.V. star.

Rick and Morty discover Supernova’s fate after going back to their house following the events of this miniseries and turning on interdimensional cable. Right there, on one of the trillions of channels, Rick and Morty flip on a show that is similar to the Bachelorette, featuring Supernova as the star. This is definitely a shocking fate for someone like Supernova, but aside from her burning desire to get back at Rick, her fate actually makes a lot of sense. Supernova hasn’t just appeared in one episode of Rick and Morty, but also the online shorts, The Vindicators 2. What that series implies about Supernova is that she craves love and fame above everything else–certainly above being a superhero–so ending up as a ‘Bachelorette’ on an interdimensional cable show actually tracks pretty well for her character.

While it seems as though Supernova is free to live out her life in another universe, happy and far away from Rick and Morty, there are still plenty of opportunities for her to return if her desire for vengeance is rekindled at any point. However, for now, Supernova has been neutralized and her supposed final fate in Rick and Morty has been revealed.

Rick and Morty: Crisis on C-137 #4 by Oni Press is available now.