Rick and Morty Season 7 Can Fix 1 Major Mistake

To make up for season 6 wasting the show’s new villain, Rick and Morty season 7 should utilize Rick Prime from the very beginning. Rick and Morty has a complicated relationship with serialization. On the one hand, many of the show’s episodes work as standalone sci-fi comedy adventures. Indeed, in its early seasons, Rick and Morty actively avoided the creation of a consistent canon by constantly rewriting the rules of the show’s fictional universe. When Rick and Morty’s misadventures ended in anarchy, the pair could always just jump into a new, almost-identical reality to effectively undo their antics.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Needs More Rick Prime

While Rick’s nemesis, Rick Prime, was introduced in the Rick and Morty season 7 premiere, his plot was then forgotten about until the season finale. Rick and Morty introduced the most important villain in the show’s history, only to then drop this storyline. Rick and Morty season 7 can ameliorate this by focusing on Rick Prime and making him a central character. In Rick & Morty season 6, Rick Prime only appeared in the first and last episodes and, in every other outing, his existence was largely ignored. In Rick and Morty season 7, however, he can fulfill his potential as the show’s lead villain.

As the character who caused Rick to become the tragic figure he is by callously killing his wife, Rick Prime is the biggest villain in Rick and Morty history. Rick’s entire character arc centers around an eventual, inevitable confrontation with Rick Prime, and this makes the antagonist vital to the overarching story of Rick and Morty’s six seasons to date. As if to reaffirm this, the Rick and Morty season 6 closing scene mirrored the pilot’s opening sequence – a choice that proved Rick’s entire character arc revolves around his showdown with Rick Prime.

Rick Prime Could Fix Rick and Morty’s Biggest Season 6 Problem

The bulk of Rick and Morty’s season 6 episodes, while fun, felt like filler. This was largely because there was a much more meaningful, impactful storyline involving Rick Prime simmering in the background. The fact that Rick Prime was out there and Rick was hunting for him made plot lines about Morty getting stuck in a video game and the Smith family exploiting their Night Family feel superfluous to season 6’s real story.