Rings Of Power Star Discusses Eärien’s Ambitions In LOTR Series

Actress Ema Horvath talks about the importance of Eärien’s ambitions in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Introduced as Isildur’s sister, Eärien is an original character created for the series, working as an apprentice while acting as a peacekeeping figure between her brother and their father, Elendil. When she was first introduced in episode 3 of the series, it wasn’t clear how her existence would impact The Rings of Power’s version of Isildur. However, it did not take long for her character to grow into her own, soon becoming involved in a subplot centered around her interactions with important figures on Númenor.

Episode 4 features a few flirtatious interactions between Eärien and Kemen, son of royal advisor Pharazôn. Their conversations have to do with a small uprising of men who do not wish to accompany Elven warrior Galadriel to the Southlands in order to fight Orcish armies. It soon becomes clear in episode 5 that Eärien does not agree with Queen Regent Míriel’s decision to support Galadriel’s fight, as she tries to stop Pharazôn from gathering an army. Her disagreement with the decision influences Kemen to sabotage a vessel, Isildur almost being killed as a result. Eärien’s actions indicate she has an agenda of her own, one that does not involve assisting Galadriel with her quest.

In an interview on Deadline’s Inside the Ring from Prime Video, Horvath discussed Eärien’s ambitions in The Rings of Power. Horvath explained the many ways in which Eärien’s aspirations manifest and what inspires her character to do what she does. Check out what Horvath said below:

I like that [Eärien] has sort of selfish ambitions and she’s not sort of careful if she’s likable or not. I think that’s cool. But all she really cares about is her brother, preventing him from doing the same thing as her other brother, running away. I think her ambition is also closely like married with her absolute love of her island. She’s painfully aware of the greatness that her people have created.

As an original character influenced by the needs of herself, her brother, and her homeland, Eärien is shaping up to be an unexpectedly important figure in The Rings of Power. The events of episode 5 prove that she may be an influential adversary to Galadriel’s goal of fighting off Orcs in the Southlands. Because of this and her status as a series-exclusive character, anything could transpire because of her ambitions. Eärien may side with Sauron upon his rise to power, or she may become partial to Galadriel’s cause and stand with her against Sauron’s Orc armies.

Horvath’s emphasis on Eärien’s ambitious nature bodes well for the importance she will play as The Rings of Power continues. While her presence is bound to influence Isildur and Elendil’s storylines, it’s refreshing to know that Eärien will have a role in the show beyond bolstering preexisting characters. While it’s unclear how her story will play out, Eärien’s determination is sure to be a compelling piece of The Rings of Power during the last three episodes of season 1.

Source: Deadline’s Inside the Ring/Prime Video