Sam Wilson’s Captain America Has Even Worse Luck Than Spider-Man

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #6

Marvel’s Captain America, amazingly enough, has worse luck than Spider-Man – and it just might lead to war. Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers’ longtime friend, took up the Captain America name in 2014 and has continued to sling his shield ever since. Now, in Captain America: Symbol of Truth #6, Marvel reveals that Wilson’s failure on his most recent mission might beat out Spider-Man’s luck for resulting in the worst possible decision.

Spider-Man is one of the unluckiest characters in Marvel Comics; all his good deeds as a superhero can’t save his personal life at all. He’s constantly missing dates and deadlines, he can’t hold down a job or a relationship, and his friends and family always wonder why he suddenly disappears for hours at a time. His decision to not tell anyone about his superhero life is partially to blame, but he’s also a character who fails to save others as much as he succeeds. He’s not responsible for keeping world peace as a superhero…but Captain America is.

In Captain America: Symbol of Truth #6, written by Tochi Onyebuchi with art by IG Guara, Sam Wilson is tasked with protecting the newly-elected Prime Minister of Mohanda, a nation that borders Wakanda. Joaquin Torres, the new Falcon, is on patrol duty as well, but he’s subsequently attacked by a group of mercenaries wearing what appear to be Crossbones-esque armor. While an undercover operative injects Torres with poison, Captain America is caught in an explosion while attempting to extract the Prime Minister. Joaquin is alive when the dust settles…but the Prime Minister is not.

As Captain America, Sam Wilson Keeps Failing

This is not the first time Sam Wilson has failed in his duties as Captain America. Just a few issues ago, he decided to enter Wakanda illegally (he was attempting to track down stolen vibranium), even after being warned by Princess Shuri. The Black Panther fought him to a standstill, but the newly-elected Prime Minister of Wakanda deported Captain America, along with all American immigrants as part of a new US-Wakanda exchange program. This could start a war between Wakanda and the United States in the future, if it hasn’t already.

While Steve Rogers may have Bucky Barnes as his best friend, Captain America has only Joaquin, but he failed to protect him as well as the PM. Meanwhile, he has since burned his bridges with the Black Panther and may have internationally burned the United States’ bridge with Wakanda as well. While Spider-Man’s personal life is in shambles, he at least manages to save the day as a superhero – but Sam Wilson’s Captain America has no such luck; as a symbol of America, he’s doing his enemies’ job for them.