She-Hulk Is Becoming Mutantkind’s Greatest Ally

Spoilers ahead for She-Hulk #6!No one can accuse the X-Men of being ill-equipped for physical threats, but they may suffer from a blind spot when it comes to less tangible issues that arise from sovereignty—which could be a great chance for She-Hulk to step up as a non-mutant ally.

The new She-Hulk series by Rainbow Rowell and Luca Maresca follows Jennifer Walters’ return to law practice after leaving the Avengers. She’s coming back to the game with a few stipulations, though. Jen is now working under her former legal adversary Mallory Book, who has a strict anti-superhuman client policy. But Mallory should know that when you build your career on a specific kind of clientele, cutting them off is easier said than done. Jen still has superhuman contacts seeking her counsel and she can’t just turn them away, especially when they come representing an entire nation.

In She-Hulk #6, Jen is visited in her office by none other than Nightcrawler (wearing his best « Brad Pitt » disguise). Kurt shares that Krakoa is shouldering a bevy of legal issues, and they need a liaison off the island to help them manage everything. Jen agrees, and though Mallory chastens her at first, she adjusts her attitude when considering the financial boost they’ll get from being retained by all of mutantkind. As Jen reminds her boss, She-Hulk has been on almost every super team in Marvel Comics, and there was really only so long she could avoid representing one.

Although this is an early development in the issue, it’s certain to have major ramifications, especially once the Judgment Day situation settles down. Krakoa is now one of two distinct mutant nations—the other, Arakko, being a terraformed environment on Mars. It has its own government and economy, and the X-Men continue to serve as a military unit with the various other mutant strike forces (X-Force, Marauders, etc.) splintering therefrom. Nightcrawler mentions immigration, residency, and voting rights as just some of the issues they find themselves faced with. Krakoa was founded as a safe haven for all mutantkind, and portals planted across the galaxy allow them almost unfettered access, but that doesn’t mean those mutants don’t need to be accounted for. Then there’s the practical issues, like Cyclops being unable to renew his driver’s license in Connecticut because of all the time he’s spent out of state.

Jen isn’t a mutant, but Kurt’s plea indicates they aren’t yet quite as self-sufficient as they would like to be. Her expertise in superhuman litigation makes her probably the most qualified person in the Marvel Universe to take on a client base of this scale, and the X-Men would do well to heed She-Hulk’s counsel—lest Krakoa collapse much faster than it was built.

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