She-Hulk’s Titania Actor Talks Embracing Her Accent And Influencer Behavior

In speaking with TV Insider, Jameela Jamil explained some of the creative decisions surrounding Titania, including her L.A. accent and identity as an influencer within She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The actor said that her voice was one of the things that helped bring the character to life, and that the way she looks and acts added to the show’s satire, as well as reflected on the idea of an influencer being a villain in the MCU. See what Jamil shared below:

« It’s a very influencer accent. It definitely helped bring her to life. We wanted her to be quite cartoonish in her appearance and in her portrayal. And there’s a lot of brilliant spoof and satire in She-Hulk. So we were satirizing the idea of the absolute worst kind of influencer. What some influencers put out into the world is genuinely a bit evil and the lies they tell and the way they make people feel. So it felt quite fitting to have an influencer play a supervillain. »

Jamil also spoke on Titania’s ability to get inside Walters’ head, calling her character « petty » and adding that she enjoys that quality of hers. Building up to the release of She-Hulk, The Good Place alum had teased that Titania would be an « annoying » villain, but fans of the show appear to enjoy her thus far. Her « She-Hulk » ad campaign, as well as her interactions with fans and posing outside the courthouse for them to take pictures of her, represents a heightened version of many pop culture figures and adds to the hilarity.